Leading Female Entrepreneurs in India

Female entrepreneurs in India have been making their identity across all domains and industries. Women have shown their remarkable journey from owning e-Commerce brands, herbal cosmetics to India’s largest biopharmaceutical company. 

From a few completely new faces like Falguni Nayar, Shehnaz Hussain, Ghazal Alagh to some Bollywood actresses who have turned into entrepreneurs such as Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and, of course, Ekta Kapoor, women are holding reins everywhere. 

The female startup ecosystem has shown massive growth in recent years. Women entrepreneurs in India are not just famous faces, but with their sheer work and talent, they have become inspirations to teens. 

But achieving wasn’t always that easy. Let’s look at how female entrepreneurs in India have reached heights and what allowed them to lead the business solely. To look into their journey, we have arranged the success stories of the most successful women entrepreneurs in India. 

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Women Entrepreneurs: The Bright Future of India

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is the first female entrepreneur in India and comes into existence with  Kamani Tubes Company. After this, the list of women entrepreneurs in India has never ended, and India has got so many faces as famous women entrepreneurs. 

Let’s meet the leading female entrepreneurs in India who have proved themselves and shown their strength to the world. 

Falguni Nayar – Founder at Nykaa

Education- IIM Graduate

Falguni Nayar founded Nykaa at 50 when people often think about retirement, but she set herself on a new journey. Nykaa is an e-commerce company that deals in cosmetics and other beauty products. With this startup, Falguni Nayar is known as one of the promising female entrepreneurs in India. 

“I want to stand for those women who want to be beautiful for themselves, but not for men and other women.”

Shahnaz Hussain – Founder at Shahnaz Herbals

Education: La Martiniere Lucknow, La Martiniere Road

Shahnaz Hussain got married in her teenage and became a mother at 16; despite this, she brought herbal beauty products to the industry in 1970. Shahnaz Hussain group is India’s leading company in f natural beauty and herbal treatments. Today, she is running her business in over 138 countries, which has 600 franchises and clinics around the world. 

“You don’t have to be born beautiful; you have to acquire it.”

Richa Kar ─ Co-founder at Zivame

Education- Engineering Graduate and MBA

Richa Kar is among the female entrepreneurs in India who have established an online lingerie store ─ Zivami. Richa founded the company in 2011 intending to provide the best-fitted lingerie to women. 

“If you are strong, focused, and passionate about what you want to do, everything falls into place.”

Upasna Taku ─ Founder at Mobikwik

Education: Stanford University

With Mobikwik, Upasna Taku aims to replace the wallet. It was not easy for Upasana to build her idea into a venture being a woman, but her calmness made it possible. Upasna battled her way and established Mobikwik as an e-wallet platform. Today she is leading the first-ever Indian payment app and is known as one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in India. 

“Kick up a storm or die trying.” 

Divya Gokulnath ─ Co-founder at BYJU’s 

Education: Biotechnology undergraduate

BYJU’s ━ The learning app is one of the powerful tutorial tools for online education. It is a Bangalore-based company founded by Divya Gokulnath. She has prior experience in teaching and effectively gives a platform to her passion. With her idea of giving online classes to the students, Divya Gokulnath has counted among the top 5 female entrepreneurs in India. 

“I believe that education is one of the most powerful tools that shapes and moulds the way our youth think.”

Isha Choudhary ━ Co-founder at ZoloStays

Education: MBA Graduate

Isha Choulkdahary, Dr. Nikhil Sikri, Akhil Sikhri, and Sneha Choudhary, founded ZoloStays in 2015. It is an online platform to find accommodation with food. She is currently working with her team members to standardize the paying guest concept in India. With the aim to provide affordable yet comfortable living options with delicious and healthy food, Isha Choudhary is today serving in 10+ cities in India including Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kota, Chennai, Mumbai, with HQ in Bangalore.  She has become one of the female entrepreneurs in India. 

“I am a young and enthusiastic person who believes in taking up challenges and solving them in the most logical and structured manner.”

Chitra Gurgani Dhaga ━ Co-Founder at Thrillophilia

Education – MBA

Chitra is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in India. Through Thrillophilia, Chitra wants to give peace of mind to those fed up with their busy life. With this, she combines adventure and tourism to make the travel exciting.  

“Entrepreneurship excites me, and the more I do it, the more I love it.”

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal ─ Founder at Shopclues.com

Education – MBA

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal founded an online marketplace in 2011 to provide affordable options to buyers. She is the first female entrepreneur in India to enter the Unicorn club. With her knowledge and experience, she is leading Shopclues and catering to the shopping needs of the customers by delivering customers an affordable range of options. 

“Anybody who comes to work needs to do it with heart.”


Female entrepreneurs in India are inspiring the world with their journey. Many women are stepping out of their comfort zone and taking the Indian economy to success. Today, they have marked their presence all over the globe with their startup ideas and set a benchmark in the industry. The best thing is,  India is supporting and taking a revolutionary approach regarding women entrepreneurs.