Finance and Funding Outlook 2024

Upeksha Karunasekara   
Chief Financial Officer "Telasis Solutions (Pvt) Ltd"

Upeksha Karunasekara, Chief Financial Officer at Telasis Solutions, is a seasoned financial professional with vast experience in banking, treasury, investment, and corporate strategy. As CFO, she plays a key role in overall management, leveraging her background in public sector accounting and expertise in managing diverse teams to meet challenging benchmarks and revenue goals.

The finance and funding landscape are expected to undergo significant changes and present exciting opportunities in 2024. As economies recover from the impact of the global pandemic, there is growing optimism for a robust financial future.

There are several key trends and factors that will shape the finance and funding landscape in 2024. 


Technological Advancements: In 2024, we can expect to see increased adoption of innovative solutions such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and digital payments. These technologies will streamline processes and enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in financial transactions.


Rise of sustainable finance. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming increasingly important for investors and financial institutions. Expect to see a surge in funding for green projects, renewable energy initiatives, and socially responsible businesses. Companies prioritising sustainability and having a clear ESG strategy can expect to attract significant investment in the coming years.


Interest Rate Outlook

Currently, the Federal Reserve has been maintaining a low-interest rate environment to support economic recovery. However, as the economy continues to grow and inflation picks up, the Fed might consider gradually raising interest rates to keep inflation in check. It’s important to note that various factors, like employment levels, inflation rates, and overall economic conditions, influence interest rate decisions.

Looking ahead to 2024, the economy should largely shrug off the remaining impact of high-interest rates and not slip into recession. Inflation should continue to trend lower, but its rate of descent will be less pronounced than in the past year.


Stock Market

In 2024, the stock market is expected to continue evolving and responding to various factors.


  1. Technological Advancements: Fluctuating Treasury yields, economic performance, the rise of generative artificial intelligence, and the so-called Magnificent Seven stocks will continue to play major roles in 2024. The Magnificent Seven, (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOGLE), Apple, Meta Platforms (META), Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla shouldered most of the stock market performance in 2023.
  2. ESG Investing: ESG factors are gaining prominence as investors prioritize sustainable and socially responsible investments. Companies committed to ESG principles may attract more capital, leading to potential market shifts.
  3. Emerging Markets: As global economies develop, emerging markets are likely to present expanding investment opportunities.


As we look towards 2024, the overall outlook appears bright, with ample potential for businesses, investors, and individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world.