Flixtor Alternatives: 5 Free Movies Streaming Sites

The Internet is full of movie streaming sites, one of them being Flixtor.  Flixtor is one of the most popular websites for movies and TV shows. After 2018, the site abruptly disappeared and everyone started seeking the best alternatives to this resourceful website. Nowadays, you can find multiple sites on the internet, using Flixtor’s name but none of them is genuine. Even the original creators of Flixtor advised everyone to stay away from such scammy websites because they are full of malware and viruses that may result in data loss. However, Flixtor is back again after a long time. You can access the most recent and safe domain using the link (https://flixtor.to), here you can find all the latest movies and popular TV shows.

Currently, everyone is celebrating the return of Flixtor, however, there is no assurance about the uptime of the movie-downloading platform. The sight might get disabled without any warning, so everyone wants a reliable alternative. Here we have carefully curated the list of the best alternatives to Flixtor that you can use to satisfy your multimedia needs. However, consider the fact that some of these websites might be illegal and use of such sites is a punishable offence. Before you start using any of the websites listed below, make sure to check the copyright policy of your country.


Yify is a video streaming service provider known for providing high-quality movies for free. The website has a huge collection of movies from all genres across the world. The user interface of Yify is sleek and clean which displays the list of latest releases on the homepage and some of the trending movies on the bottom of the page. You can watch your favourite movie in HD quality in the browser. The search bar located on the screen allows you to quickly search for relevant content using the title, genre, and year. Moreover, you can also visit the Y Series to watch any of the latest TV series. All the content on Yify is provided using third-party websites hence you may experience annoying ad pop-ups featuring vulgar advertisements.  


It is a Russian alternative to Flixtor which is completely free to use. It is not a website, it is an application that you can download and install to enjoy the vast variety of content. However, the current version is only available for Windows. Still, Zona has an appealing user interface where you can browse more than 10,000 movies and 14, 000 TV series. This application also has more than 300 TV channels. You have the freedom to choose the quality of content, subtitles and audio. Moreover, you can also download the videos for watching them later.

Movies Joy

Movies Joy is a reliable movie streaming platform that has a wide variety of content available for free. Here you can stream or download anything and enjoy it later. The titles of each genre are continuously updated so you get the latest movies and TV series on time. Currently, Movie Joy’s library has more than 10,000 titles that you can enjoy. The best part of using this alternative to Flixtor is there are no interruptions or ads hampering your experience. The movies are available in HD quality along with the subtitles. You do not have to register yourself on the platform to view any of the content. Everything is available for free in HD quality along with the subtitles.

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Project Free TV

Project Free TV is another solid Flixtor competitor that is similar to a search engine for popular movies and shows. It is not like a streaming service, you need to manually search and find the desired movie by searching it. All the links listed on the Project Free TV website will redirect to a third-party website thus you might see some advertisements. Project Free TV is free from all the advertisements and has a very clean UI where you can find everything easily. The movies section is quite impressive because you can find all the old and new content here. Furthermore, the platform has subtitles in different languages making it easy for you to enjoy content in the desired way.


Flixtor alternate WatchSeries has a very stylish interface similar to Netflix. Here you can find all the latest and popular movies displayed simultaneously on one screen. WatchSeries website is completely free and doesn’t ask for any registration also. As the name says, WatchSeries allows you to watch web series and TV series, however, the platform also has a huge collection of movies. You can find the relevant content using the search bar and choose from various genres including animation, comedy, action, horror etc. Occasionally, clicking on any of the links on the website will redirect you to a third-party website but the WatchSeries site is free from advertisements. 


All the websites listed here might not fall under fair use and some of them might be illegal. This write-up is written to spread awareness about the Flixtor alternates not to promote the unlawful use of copyrighted or pirated content in any way. TradeFlock does not promote piracy or any of the pirated websites listed here.

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