Top 10 Sites (FREE) To Read Manga Online In 2023

Manga is a term used to denote comic books and graphic novels that originated in Japan. These novels and comics are available in many genres including action, business, comedy, drama, and horror. In the past few years, manga has gained a huge amount of popularity. People across the globe enjoy manga comics and novels.

Reading manga is fun, however, we are often running short of cash to purchase the new one. What to do in such cases? Go for the online version of manga that are available for free. However, finding the best manga sites to access the latest manga edition is still an issue for Japanese comic lovers.

In this post, we have shared the 10 best sources to read manga online without spending a single penny.

Manga Rock

This manga site features a lot of different genres to choose from including action, romance, drama and horror. Similar to other websites, this site also allows you to download the content and read it offline. Some exclusive comics can only be found on this website making it a unique platform. The only drawback of this site is that you can read only one chapter at a time, however, that is enough for your needs. The navigation panel of Manga Rock has a good design and functionality along with the necessary buttons.


If you want to read new content daily then Batoto is a great site. In the latest version – Batoto version 3, there are new releases throughout the day, every day listed on the homepage of the website. What makes it one of the best manga sites? The easy-to-use and precise search engine that lands you on the right comic you are looking for without wasting your precious time. Also, you can read/download the whole chapters for offline reading if needed.


With a user-friendly interface, MangaFox offers a lot of interesting content available at your fingertips. For reading anything, no need to create an account, however, you can spot a few ads on the website. The page loading speed of the website is fast and you can instantly start reading the content just after the click. Additionally, you can also find something new every day across all genres including Korean comics (Korean webtoons). The website also has a subgenre to find the best match.

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One of the best manga sites that offers everything for free is Mangago. Plus, you can read comics in English or in the original Japanese language. It has a massive library of best-selling Japanese comics for English-speaking audiences. The interface of the site allows readers to choose the right comic based on their preferences. To start reading the comic click on the desired chapter, and use the arrow keys to navigate between the pages. is one of the best manga sites featuring the best of anime, manhwa and manga. This comic reading platform also provides tools over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where you can create lists of comic authors, reviews, and summaries, and share them with other fans. has an easy search engine that will help you find what you are looking for and a great comic collection from Japanese and Japanese creators outside Japan.


ReadManga has a huge collection of manga for you with over 100 mangas excluding “in translation’. On the ReadManda app, you can find a wide variety of manga along with a filter to choose the one suiting your preferences. Currently, it has more than 50,000 titles in the library and they are continuously adding more. From the search bar, you can search for your favourite manga by the title or name of the author and filter based on the genre. You will also find short descriptions of the manga, comments, discussion threads and other details on the app. should not be confused with, it is a separate and one of the best manga sites that are free. On the homepage, you can find the latest releases and updates along with upcoming launches. It allows you to save titles in your library which is a unique feature that no other website has. On the left side of the webpage, you can find your Mangadex Library, MDLists, and other personal details. Lastly, you can also search for the specific titles you are looking for by filtering the results.


On Mangapark, you can read all sorts of comics for free. From less-known titles like “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” to well-known titles like “Fairy Tail” every comic is available on this platform. The website has a well-organised list of all the comics along with their genre. Moreover, you do not have to create an account to read the comics. The best feature of this platform is that it offers an option for offline reading where you do not have to stay connected to the internet to read everything. 


KissManga is one of the best manga sites that has a huge library of more than 100 series for you to read. Everything available on this website is free which means you always access any manga to escape your boredom. However, there are a few ads on the website that hinder your reading experience on the website. Moreover, the site has everything including webtoons, full chapters, translations and even download options in case the internet is not reliable. You can read all the popular comics like Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Naruto without creating an account. 


Manganato is another free and one of the best manga sites that has a very clean user interface. On the homepage, you can find all the trending manga of the week. While on the right side of the page, you can view the whole list of the most popular manga of all time. Furthermore, you can find a long list of different manga across different genres and filter them. With quick loading speeds and constant updation, there are lots of features making your experience enjoyable.


Instead of using manga sites, use the official ways to read comics and novels and say no to piracy. This post is written for educational purposes, we do not promote piracy or any of the pirated websites listed in this post.

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