Garuda Aerospace Locked Drone Deal With Lockheed Martin

Garuda Aerospace signed a deal with Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems for the UAS (Uncrewed Aerial Systems), which Garuda’s drones include. These systems are expected to be effective solutions for defence and commercial purposes. 

Under this collaboration, both companies will work closely as part of the agreement to explore possible drone-based service options in a variety of industries, including defence, agricultural and mining, big-scale mapping, industrial review, and others. These systems will be man-less, which can be airborne, terrestrial, or marine, as well as any accompanying elements, such as sensors and communication software, capable of performing data-collection assignments without a human presence. 

Drones come in the aerial category, so they need UAS software solutions. Also, this deal will boost connectivity in rural and suburban regions. Moreover, both companies haven’t disclosed the financial details of this deal. 

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The drones will continue to serve the agricultural sector and help farmers reduce costs. With 5G connectivity introduced, this is one step towards creating a byproduct with a huge disruption,” Founder of Garuda Aerospace, Agnishwar Jayprakash, said in a statement. “The vision is to launch 25,000 such drones this year and 1,00,000 drones next year, and by 2024-2025, the goal is to deploy at least one drone in every village”.

Many villages that get the electricity supply for only a short period of time in a day can utilise these drones for effective irrigation of their fields. Moreover, these drones can also provide high-speed internet connectivity in villages for a few hours.  Banks, schools, universities, and other organisations can utilise this internet connectivity for their operations. It will enable them to perform financial transactions as well as to provide instruction and training.

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