I/O 2023| Here’s Everything That Google Announced

The Annual Google I/O Conference on Wednesday revealed the new plans and strategies that Google will undertake in the coming years. The conference witnessed some exemplary announcements, which included the launch of new foldable mobile phones, tablets and improvements in the AI products. Here are some of the latest gadgets and strategies that Google revealed at the annual conference

Pixel Fold

Google’s first foldable mobile phone, Pixel Fold, is characterised as the thinnest in the foldable market. The phone is priced at $1799. The phone opens up into a 7.6-inch screen when unfolded and moves on a 180-degree hinge. The thickness is 6mm, which is around 2/3rd of the thickness of other Pixel phones. George Hwang, the Product Manager at Google said: “It took some clever engineering work redesigning components like our speakers, our battery and haptics,” 

Google Pixel Tablet

The tech giant Google also introduced a new tablet, Google Pixel Tablet, which is intended to be used around the house to control smart home devices. The device is priced at $499 and will be available in three different colours: porcelain, hazel, and rose. It is said to be made available in the market by 20 June. The tablet is meant to be kept at home and rests on a magnetic dock that simultaneously acts as a charger and speaker. 

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AI Chat Features For The Search Engine

Google plans to introduce some AI chat features to the search engine and take a step ahead in the race. After introducing this feature, along with the traditional search results, the users will get an AI-generated response to their queries, similar to ChatGPT. The exploratory version is available only to US customers.

Other Latest Announcements: 

Apart from these major announcements, a few other announcements were also made by Google regarding new gadgets and deploying new technologies: 

  • A new language model rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 
  • Google expanding and exploring possibilities to improve Bard. 
  • The Google Workspace apps will have an element of AI.
  • Magic Eraser-a mobile version of Photoshop.

So, these are the new and upcoming strategies that were announced at the Annual Google I/O Conference. What are your views on these developments?

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