Google India Fires Hundreds Of Employees: CEO Writes

Tech giant Google reportedly terminated 453 employees across various departments in India late at night on Thursday. The employees were informed about the termination via mail that Country Head and Vice President Sanjay Gupta sent. 

Last month Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced that it would bring 12,000 employees or 6 per cent of its total headcount globally. It is yet to be confirmed if 453 layoffs are part of 12000 job cuts or if there has been a new round of layoffs. 

The reports suggest that the mail has included some inputs from CEO Sundar Pichai. It has also been stated that he agreed to take full responsibility for layoff decisions. In the note sent by the CEO in January, he claimed that laid-off employees outside the US would get support in line with local practices.

Other Tech Layoffs
Google is not the only company resorting to layoff. Recently, Microsoft announced the removal of 10000 employees from its workforce, whereas Amazon has planned to cut 18000 jobs. Meta has also let go of 13,000 employees while taking full responsibility for the layoffs, claiming that the company got extremely bullish with hiring during and before the pandemic phase.

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