A Complete Guide On Outsourcing to India

India is the most sought-after outsourcing destination with access to a low-cost workforce and a massive talent pool. This complete guide on outsourcing to India will help you understand the aspects of India based outsourcing services. 

It always feels good to cover every aspect of your business and watch it grow. But, panic starts when the success is taking considerably more time than expected. To achieve the business objective as soon as possible and to rise successfully, you need expert assistance. From giant ventures to early-stage startups, most of the businesses are doing it. The majority of the multinational companies have now outsourced to India to expand their activities and save costs. 

With the availability of low-cost human resources and expertise, India is now a global hub for outsourcing. To increase profits in no time, you might be looking for outsourcing to India. Therefore, to help our readers, we are compiling a complete guide on outsourcing to India

What is Outsourcing?

Before moving to a guide on outsourcing to India, we must discuss outsourcing. When a corporate business hires a third party to handle and perform non-core tasks.  The set of these tasks includes those jobs which are not necessarily required to be performed in-house, such as manufacturing, data entry, client support, healthcare and more. 

Why Do Businesses Opt For Outsourcing? 

Besides doing specific tasks themselves, corporate businesses hire third parties to focus on their core occupation, which is significant for their business success. Moreover, most outsourcing service providers are based in countries where expert human resources are available at a low cost; therefore, corporate houses look for benefits from reduced costs. 

Who Are Outsourcing Service Providers? 

While discussing a guide on outsourcing to India, we must know about the companies which deal in outsourcing services. These are companies or agencies with a dedicated and expert employee base to perform specific tasks. For instance, you can outsource an IT company for your web development and software needs. However, there are numerous freelance service providers available, which can be an affordable option. 

The Outsourcing Industry in India

Over the years, India has anchored its name as a global hub for outsourcing. India’s metro cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore are ranked among the top outsourcing hubs globally, especially for IT services. 

Access to a vast talent pool, low-cost resources and additional support from the National Association of Software Service Companies (NASSCOM) has transformed India into a global destination for outsourcing. This premier trade body turns out to be a guide on outsourcing to India for numerous overseas businesses. 

The Most Common Outsourced Services in India

However, India is a hotspot for outsourcing any non-core services; here are some frequently sought-after outsourced services in India. 

Information Technology 

However, IT services require specialised expertise and equipment; you’ll need to train your team and put the necessary infrastructure in place. It can be both time-consuming and costly. The Indian software sector offers the necessary infrastructure, specialised expertise, and talented software engineers for the job. It frees up your time and resources so you can concentrate on building your company. Suppose you are opting for outsourcing software development to India; in that case, you won’t have to worry about the quality of work because most of these companies have been doing it for decades. 

Customer Support Services 

Whether you run an e-commerce or software development business, you must talk to your customers about their requirements and concerns. However, responding to many clients’ questions and resolving their problems is a huge undertaking that takes a lot of time and work. You can employ call centres to take your customers’ calls on your behalf because it isn’t a technical operation that requires expertise. To provide round-the-clock customer service, call centres have trained personnel and the necessary technology. As a result, you may concentrate on your primary business tasks that require the participation of your employees.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing 

Information processes such as big-data analytics, financial, investment, and market research are included in KPO. These are high-end services that necessitate a thorough understanding of business and the ability to process enormous amounts of data. It’s advisable to outsource this from Indian service providers because establishing it in-house takes time and resources. You receive high-quality work done by engineers and MBAs without worrying about finding and recruiting experienced employees by outsourcing to Indian service providers. They’ll also be equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that your information is correct and safe.

Advantages of Outsourcing to India

Further to guide on outsourcing to India, discussion over benefits that a business can have, is imperative. One of the most common reasons for outsourcing is to save money. According to Deloitte’s annual global outsourcing survey, corporations would outsource jobs primarily to cut costs in upcoming years. Other prominent outsourcing debates were the ability to restructure businesses and the ability to be flexible. Because digital solutions have become such an essential element of practically every organisation, more entrepreneurs are looking for service providers that can help them improve the way they do things.

For quite some time, India has been the world’s largest provider of IT outsourcing services. As a result, the country’s software developer population is increasing fast, with projections that India’s developer population would surpass that of the United States by 2023. In addition, India ranks fifth among Asian countries and thirty-fifth internationally in terms of English proficiency, making it a preferred choice for enterprises wishing to outsource IT services. Without further ado, let’s look at what you can outsource to Indian companies.

Steps to Start Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing has grown its popularity over time since it provides businesses with new options to minimise administrative work, enhance profitability, and standardise services. Outsourcing provides benefits that your firm cannot afford to overlook, such as lower labour expenses, increased productivity, and access to specialised expertise. Proceeding further to guide on outsourcing to India, here are some guidelines and practices for acquiring outsourcing services in India that will help you get the most outstanding results: 

  • Assemble a team 
  • Make a checklist of services you need to outsource 
  • Appoint an asset consultant 
  • Create a business strategy 
  • Create a complete list 
  • Assess prospective vendors 
  • Obtain and review critical data 
  • Get ready for setbacks 
  • Begin the outsourcing process
  • Conduct training program 
  • Make regular contact  

Significant Facts About Outsourcing to India 

Considered as outsourcing heaven,  India offers excellent outsourcing services at low price tags and contains an unmatched talent pool. 

Here is some outsourcing to India statistics 2021

  • India was ranked 35th out of 100 countries globally and fifth out of 25 in Asia in English Proficiency.
  • The information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries in India generated $154 billion in sales in 2019, according to India’s outsourcing authority, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM).
  • The Indian government is committed to the growth of the country’s IT and outsourcing industries.
  • The outsourcing sector in India is multifaceted. Manufacturing, healthcare, travel, telecommunications, retail, and media are among their clientele.
  • In 2018 and 2019, the most popular services outsourced to India were mobile application development and customer assistance.

Bottom Line 

If you had any doubts about whether outsourcing is something your business should explore before reading this guide on outsourcing to India, maybe now you’re convinced of the numerous advantages you can gain by delegating some jobs to third parties. Working hard will bring you far, but working smartly will make the process of advancement more enjoyable. Furthermore, requiring additional human resources to handle your firm’s tasks indicates that your organisation is expanding.

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