The Best Hacking Movies You Should Watch in 2023

As hot summers are approaching, many will take cover from the heat and rewatch some of their favourite movies and TV series. There is no denying that compelling stories get appreciation worldwide. Over the years, a surge in the popularity of hacking movies has been seen, and audiences worldwide are always keen to look inside the mysterious world of hacking.  

Regardless of good or bad reasons, the art of hacking has become an aspect of our culture. Beyond a threat, people consider hacking a symbol of innovation, technology, and opportunity. Film industries across the world have portrayed hacking in different ways. This blog recommends the top hacking movies that depict the spirit of computing, hacking, and cyber security. 

WarGames (1983) 

Thinking about hacking movies, the first name that clicks in our mind is WarGames. Having a background in the Cold War era, it is a story of a high school student who unintentionally hacks the missile launch system of the United States Air Force. Consequently, the movie’s lead character encounters a series of troubles ranging from his detention by the FBI for being suspected as a Russian agent. The movie perfectly demonstrates hacking activities, especially in the film’s first half.  

Sneakers (1992) 

It is one of the most fascinating and funny hacking movies, far ahead of its time. Studded with stars like Dan Aykroyd, Robert Redford, and Sidney Poitier, Sneakers is packed with early-tech nostalgia. The movie’s plot is based on a group of hackers led by the character Martine. As the story progresses, Martin finds himself in trouble after the heist of an extremely powerful tool. The movie emphasises the significance of cybersecurity instead of displaying distinct exploits. 

Hackers (1995) 

An obvious addition to the list, Hackers is one of the classic cult hacking movies of all time. The story follows a bunch of high school hackers who unintentionally navigate through a corporate extortion conspiracy. The movie effectively demonstrated how a few teenagers are exploring the threshold of hacking technology, which was quite unknown at that time. Moreover, as a spectator, you would find references to different significant hacking ideologies of that era. 

The Matrix (1999) 

The Matrix is the most popular name among hacking movies, attracting audiences all across the world. There are many chapters of The Matrix, but the original one fascinated the audience the most. Packed with parallels between existence, religion, politics, power, and exciting cinematography of fighting sequences. The story of movie revolves around a band of outsiders who break into a reality established by an extremely powerful computer program. The outsiders’ group struggles to free humanity from computer program’s control. 

Independence Day (1996)

Another addition to the list of top hacking movies is Independence Day. The story follows the invasion of aliens on earth to enslave all humanity and revolves around disparate groups of people who combine in the desert of Nevada after the aliens’ invasion. The lead character, Jeff Goldblum, changes the binary codes in the security system of the aliens’ mothership and ensures Earth’s win against the aliens. 

The Fifth Estate (2013)

This semi-fictional thriller is apt for those who love watching hacking movies. It follows the story of Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who joined forces to become whistle-blowers and watchdogs over the actions of powerful and influential people. They expose many corporate crimes and secrets of the government. Later, the conflict begins when Assange and Dianial gain access to the most confidential documents in the history of the United States. 
The list of exciting hacking movies goes on, but we picked the best ones from our perspective to create this list. Movies like Swordfish, Live Free Or Die Hard, Tron and Blackhat can be included in the list. You may download movies from this list or stream them online on the relevant platform.

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