Harsh Jain Offers Jobs To Indian Laid-off Employees

Thousands of Indian employees around the world are dismissed from their jobs. Harsh Jain, CEO and co-founder of Dream11, has urged Indian employees to ‘Come Back Home’ as he decides to offer them employment.

In a post on LinkedIn, he wrote, “Please help remind Indians to come back home after the layoffs in the US tech sector in 2022 (especially those facing visa difficulties). He also said that “after returning to India, employees should help Indian technology companies considering the potential hyper-growth in the next decade”.

According to the reports, Meta fired 11,00 employees, almost 10% of the tech giant’s workforce. This year, the Facebook parent company has shed almost 70% of its value, dropping its market cap from over a trillion dollars to $255.79 billion. 

Besides this, with the Elon Musk Twitter acquisition, half of the company workflow was dismissed. Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, and Zillow also have made employees redundant and announced no hiring to protect bottom lines. 

Harsh Jain said, “We at Dream Sports are a profitable, $8 Billion company with 150 Million users and ten kickass portfolio companies in Fantasy Sports, NFTs, Sports OTT, FinTech, and Sports Experiences.”

Dream11 is a sports platform that allows users to create fantasy teams in various sports, such as cricket, football, hockey, etc. These teams create points based on real-life gameplay. This is the first gaming company in India to become a unicorn. 

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