Helping to Hire Rightly 

Right human resource acquisition over a period of time can often make the difference between a company’s success and failure. However, finding the right person for the right job in a time bound manner with a long-term perspective can be an uphill exercise for many companies. In this regard, Xobin can be of great help.

Xobin can also be described as a smart talent assessment platform with validated skill-based, role-based assessment and psychometric assessment that helps organisations shortlist and hire quickly.  Xobin can be described as one of the highly trusted online assessment software for pre-employment testing and job skill assessments. The name of the Chennai-based company which has introduced this software is also known as Xobin.

The LinkedIn page of Xobin claims that Xobin is one of the fastest-growing HRTech companies in the world and it works with over 800 organisations in more than 55 countries by automating screening, improving interview productivity, and reducing the cost of hiring and building successful teams. They are claiming to revolutionise the recruitment screening landscape by combining the power of technology and automation.

Xobin Before Hiring 

Xobin offers a cloud-based pre-employment assessment platform suitable for growth-stage startups, enterprises, and recruitment consultancies. Xobin serves customers with pre-hire screening tests and psychometric tests in functions like technology, marketing, finance, HR & Ops. Its software enables over 1000 growth stage companies to screen, shortlist and interview the right applicants. With AI-based assessments, video interviews and skill-mapping, Xobin helps enterprises make data driven people decision.

With Xobin, organisations can benefit from over 1500 pre-built tests, statistically validated high-quality assessments, more than 1,20,000 extensive question library   with (tech and non-tech) questions. 

In 2016, Xobin started as an endeavour of a small group of specialists united by the mission-to make pre-employment screening an efficient process for both recruiters and candidates. In these six years, Xobin claims to have evolved into a globally recognised platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers all over the world validate skill of job applicants. Before its expansion, Xobin’s early team was a part of India’s leading startup accelerator – Axilor Ventures.

Attractive Features

Of course, as a pre-employment assessment platform, Xobin is endowed with several user-friendly features, some of which we will briefly discuss below. For example, with its XoForms one can create video-first job application forms, accept applications, & schedule assessments & interviews at the click of a button. 

XoForms is a novel video first job application form designed to engage with job applicants across all platforms. It gives the freedom to share it across all platfroms, that can enhance the application rate. It provides you with the flexibility to distribute it across all social media platforms, enabling you to connect with, find, and select the most suitable candidates. XoForms are tightly integrated with Xobin’s skill assessments and psychometric assessment frameworks, which allow you to build a complete profile of the candidates based on their skills in a streamlined fashion.

Screening 100s of resumes and selecting the most suitable applicant is an extremely time-consuming job and can take an organisation’s lots of working hours. Xobin’s Remote Online Assessments and Virtual Interviews help organisations qualify the best possible talent much faster. Its applicant tracking software affords its clients to embrace streamlined efficiency in hiring with a quality ATS software. 

Integration with ATS is an important feature of Xobin. Xobin’s clients can ease their developers’ effort, time, and tears with Xobin’s APIs and Webhooks, and integrate their product with Xobin’s Assessments.

With its cloud-based pre-employment testing software one can simplify and optimise the recruitment process and can hire top candidates based on skills and data-driven reports.  This software can help to say adieu to scheduling hassles and embrace seamless video interviews.

Xobin’s AI-based web proctoring enables that candidates are tracked while taking the exam through video proctoring and browser monitoring. Any atypical behavior is recorded for the test administrators to review. Moreover, Xobin’sAdvanced Coding Simulator offers a real-time coding environment that enables an immersive experience.

Xobin’s AI-based proctoring can safeguard against copying and malpractice and its automated and live interviews can save time in hiring top talents hassle-free. 

Xobin’s clients can also use Xobin’s AI Evaluate, a state-of-the-art generative AI answer evaluation system. The process of evaluating answers has consistently taken up multiple hours for hiring managers and recruiters. Xobin’s AI Evaluate uses state-of-the-art Generative AI to intelligently automate this process.

Campus recruitment is an annual feature for many top companies. With Xobin’s campus recruitment software, you can automate and simplify your virtual campus recruitment process. The software can identify cognitive ability and problem solving skills of candidates, identify culture-fit candidates on campus and bring-down attrition rates, use coding questions and code snippets to find strong IT talent, and can help assess candidates for competency in marketing, finance and other skills.

Moreover, Xobin’s Automated Video Interview Software uses AI-based scoring which will automatically evaluate the video answers of the candidates by transcribing the video answers to text and providing with potentially good fit candidates for the client’s job description.

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