How Hero Cycles Owner Gave Wheels To India

Simplicity in work and a passion for doing extraordinary never fail. These qualities made Manjul Brothers one of the most successful cycle manufacturers in independent India. 

Cycles have been a prominent part of our childhood, and riding with friends was always considered a favourite pastime. Our childhood has been incomplete without the Hero cycles. Why so? There is no denying that we all had at least a cycle or bike from Hero company. Moreover, it was possible because of the Hero Cycles Owner, as they worked hard to provide India with a successful business of cycles, bicycles and motorbikes. 

“Do not forget your roots and be polite with everyone.”

                                                                             – Brijmohan Lall Munjal (Founder of Hero Cycles) 

A quote often said by Brijmohan Lall Munjal, he is among the Munjal Brothers who founded the company and are popularly known as Hero Cycles owner. 

How Did The Journey Of The Hero Cycles Owner Begin? 

1. The Year 1956 

A tale as late as time, the Munjal brothers started a journey from Kamalia (in Pakistan) to India. Brijmohan Lall Munjal with his three siblings – Om Prakash Munjal, Dayanand Munjal, and Satyanand Munjal was a resident of undivided India. These brothers, later known as Hero Cycles owner, came to India after independence and started living in Punjab. Those days were considered an initial struggle in the life of Hero Cycles owner. 

Munjal brothers started their business of repairing spare bicycles, but because of the lack of money and no profit, they took a loan of 50k and went to Ludhiana, Punjab. This was the beginning of manufacturing cycles in the year 1956. Rest is nothing but history! As this moment introduced us to the company and Hero Cycles owners.     

2. The Year 1966

In further ten years, history was created as the Hero Cycles Owner understood that they could easily manufacture a bicycle rather than just making and selling some specific cycle parts. Within years the company started manufacturing not less than 25 cycles a day, which was a huge achievement for those years. Gradually the hard work and compassion of Hero Cycles owner made the venture a success. 

3. The Year 1980- 1990

As years passed, the cycle manufacturing company not only created history for producing more than 22 lakh cycles per year but registered itself as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer in the Guinness Book Of World Records. This was in 1986 when Hero Cycles owner also started exporting the bicycles to 89 other countries. Some of these countries are in the Middle East, Europe, Africa etc. 

Around 1990 the company was standing way ahead of its competitors. The Hero Cycles owner was appreciated because of their gesture of taking the company, its dealers, and customers and working together. They always focused on sales rather than profit earning which again was appreciated around the world.  

4. The Year 2000s 

The early 2000s were also the golden years for the company, as they showed potential growth from just being a bicycle producer to a motorbike manufacturer as well. The Munjal brothers established themself as world-renowned supremacy and collaborated with international companies as well. This step by the hero cycles owner started a new venture named Hero Group. During the collaboration, the hero cycles owner joined hands with a Japanese two-wheeler manufacturing company and made motorbikes an essential part of Indian families.  

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Rewards And Recognition Received

  • Brijmohan Lall Munjal was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2005. 
  • Om Prakash Munjal was honoured and recognised by many presidents of India – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, V. V. Giri, and Zail Singh.  
  • B. L. Munjal was honoured with a lifetime contribution award. 
  • The Munjal Brothers registered their name in The Forbes India Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2014. 
  • O.P. Munjal was also awarded the Samman Patra award. 
  • They have several books written by famous writers. 

Closing Words

At present, the company is still working as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorbikes. Though with the changing market, the company has also faced its good and bad. Today, the company is called Hero MotorCorp and is still manufacturing 75 lakh cycles per year. 

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