Who Has the Highest IQ in the World: Meet Famous Personalities! 

“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think.” — Albert Einstein

Intelligence quotient or IQ is a fascinating term to enhance personalities. Everyone wants to be around intelligent people with high IQ levels.  It measures the best mind capacity of an individual with a series of tests. In simple words, IQ is about the mental capacity to use information and intelligence for research and predictions. The IQ test was invented in 1904 by Alfred Binet and is considered the first modern intelligence test. So, who has the highest IQ ever? It’s William James Sidis, with an IQ level of 250 to 300; let’s review the top list. 

Have you ever wondered who has the highest IQ in the world? Stay tuned to the blog to learn about these top personalities who are known globally for their high IQ brain. 

William James Sidis (250-300)

He is known to be the most intelligent person ever recorded, with the highest IQ level range of 250-300. William was an American child Prodigy; he showed his intelligence from a younger age when he was able to read the New York Times at the age of only 2. After growing up to age 6, he got command over 8 international languages: English, Latin, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, and Armenian. William James Sidis made his presence known as the top mathematician and philosopher in history. Unfortunately, he leaves the world at the age of only 46, being one of those who has the highest IQ in the world.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (IQ 210-225)

He had achieved mastery in multiple fields to become a famous poet, scientist, novelist, artist, playwright, government official, and diplomat. His IQ level falls under 210-225, making him highly intelligent. Johann discovered the science of human chemistry and the early theory of evolution. Apart from scientific achievement, he leaves his major role in literature as a recognised artist. His famous novels, ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ and Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship. Johann also paints the best arts and sculptors, along with designing gardens and buildings. He lived for 82 long years, enjoying his achievements.

Christopher Hirata (200-225)

The all-time famous brilliant astrophysicist Christopher Hirata is next on the list of those with the highest IQ in the world. With an IQ level of 200-225, he made significant contributions to dark matter and energy, and his research work was published in scientific journals. Hirata has a remarkable intelligence that empowers his study based on the Big Bang theory and galaxies. He also made a major contribution to the invention of gravitational licensing with brilliant knowledge of physics. Christopher Hirata was born in 1982 and is expected to achieve more milestones in the future. 

Terence Tao (211-230)

One of the most brilliant mathematicians in the world, Terence Tao, is on the list of people who has the highest IQ in the world. He had made great contributions to math concepts, such as number theory, differential equations, and harmonic analysis. Tao has an IQ level of 211-230; he has also worked on the Green-Tao theorem and contributed to the Navier-Stokes equation study. With such a sharp mind, he is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences. He was born in 1975 and ready to develop more mathematical concepts and equations.

Leonardo Da Vinci (180-220)

One of history’s most famous historical personalities, Leonardo Da Vinci, has a brilliant and intelligent mind. With an IQ level of 180-220, he accomplished top height by mastering the fields of science, engineering, architecture, sculpture and painting. He was a man of discovery and invented flying machines, armoured vehicles, adding machines, and other noble inventions. Da Vinci’s creation has always been ahead of time and was too unique till that century. Apart from discovery and science, his creative side was also impressive; everyone was aware of the famous painting Mona Lisa, which exhibits a true form of creativity. He is one who has the highest IQ ever. 

James Clerk Maxwell (190-200)

The most influential scientist of the 19th century, James Clerk Maxwell, is considered the top Scottish mathematical physicist in the world. His impressive IQ level of 190-200 leads the way to the best inventions and discoveries. James has contributed to the field of electromagnetism along with in-depth knowledge of light and waves. He had discovered a set of four equations for electric or magnetic fields. James has also evolved other parts of physics, such as statistical mechanisms, thermodynamics, and kinetic theories. His great intelligence made him the best visionary scientist of that era. James lived for 48 years and died due to stomach cancer. 

Nikola Tesla (160-310)

The man who ruled electricity and one who has the highest IQ in the world is Nikola Tesla. He was a famous Siberian & American inventor and engineer who discovered alternating currents of electricity. Tesla has a brilliant mind and an IQ level of 160-310; he transformed the world of science with new inventions like the Tesla coil, a device to generate high-voltage electricity. As a powerful inventor of the era, Tesla has made over 300 patents and shares visionary ideas for futuristic technology like wireless communication and free energy. With a long life span of 86 years, he revolutionised the field of mechanical engineering.

Final Thoughts!

If we turn history, the list of who has the highest IQ in the world will have more names apart from the above-mentioned personalities. As you can see, every high-IQ person has made extraordinary achievements in the field of science and even the creative world.  Many people do not find IQ level as the best measure of an intelligent mind, while others find it a suitable factor. 

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