How To Choose The Best Solar Installer Financing Company

The trend of sustainable energy is growing with every passing day. According to USAFacts, almost 3.5% of energy produced in the US is solar energy. Solar energy is cheap and clean, and it helps you do your bit for the environment. However, many new businesses don’t have the finances to take care of solar panel installations. For such businesses, many solar installers companies provide financing services. In this blog, we will tell you how to choose a solar installer financing company for your business and list the top companies for solar installation. 

What should You Look for In Your Solar Installer Company?

If you’re wondering how to choose a solar installer finance B2B company, you first have to take a look at a few metrics like cost, interest rates, service charge, equipment charge and many others to decide the perfect match for you. Some of the things you have to look for if you want to know how to choose a solar installer are as follows:

1- Experience and statistics

The first thing you have to look for is the company’s experience and past statistics. Research the companies you prefer and then move forward. A good solar installer company will have the technical prowess to design, create and implement systems that align with your business needs. 

2- Financing options

Now, if you’re thinking about how to choose a solar installer finance B2B company, you have to look at the financing options the companies are offering. Not all companies offer the same financing options. Look for companies that are providing feasible loan options. Also, one of the financing options is leasing, however, today, not many companies provide that. Leasing can be a good option for people who don’t owe any taxes.  

3. Cost Of Installation

Just because you are financing your solar installation doesn’t mean that you can spend more than your budget. Most solar financing companies have contractors and installers they work with, and all of them offer different price ranges for their services. You have to find a company that gives flexibility in the cost of solar installation. Many companies offer a number of solar panel options to choose the best within your budget. Also, compare that quote with those of other solar installer competitors to get a better deal. 

4.  Interest rates

The answer to the question of how to choose a solar installer finance B2B company lies in the interest rates offered by those companies. There are many solar installer finance B2B companies, but pretty much all of them have different interest rates. Choose the company that offers you the lowest interest rate. Also, evaluate the interest amount you’ll have to pay after the tenure of your loan. This way, you will be able to get yourself the perfect deal. 

5. Regulatory Compliances

Another important thing to consider when thinking about how to choose a solar installer finance B2B company is whether their system is compliant with regulations and authority. Compliance with permits and regulations is important to stay out of any legal troubles. Verify whether the company you’re choosing meets the regulatory limitations. 

6. Warranty And Maintenance

If you want to know how to choose a solar installer financing B2B company, asses the warranty and maintenance clauses from the company. A good and reliable solar installer will offer an exclusive warranty deal for its workmanship and equipment which instils confidence in the longevity of the solar installation. Also, check the solar installer’s maintenance plan. Many solar installer companies offer free maintenance services up to a particular time period, and after that, their service is chargeable. So, choose the company that offers the best maintenance options at the most affordable prices. 

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The Best Solar Installment Financing Companies In The Market Today!

After knowing how to choose a solar installer B2B financing company, let’s have a look at a few solar installers that offer financing options. 

1. Mosaic

Mosaic is a solar installer B2B financing company that is considered by many to be the best company in the industry. The company has dispersed more than $10 billion in loans for solar installation purposes. It has a huge network of contractors and solar installers within the US. Mosaic provides you loans from $10,000 to $100,000, generally in a 10 to 25-year tenure. Moreover, Mosaic offers many different interest plans. You can qualify for a loan with an interest rate as low as 3.99%, which is based on your credit score.

2. Sunlight Financials

Sunlight Financials is another solar instalment financing company with a huge network of solar installers across the US. With over 300,000 solar systems financed, Sunlight Financial is one of the biggest companies in this industry. The best thing about Sunlight Financials is that the company offers Zero and very low-interest financing options. According to the Q1 report of Sunlight Financials, its loans generally have a tenure of around 20 years and an interest rate of around 3.3%, which is quite decent. 

3. Sun Power

If you’re looking to learn how to choose a solar installer financing company, Sun Power might be it. It offers very good interest options, and its contractors have very good customer reviews. On top of that, Sun Power’s loan tenures are also very decent. The most important thing about Sun Power is that they are the most reliable solar installers in the market. So much so that in its 50-year-long history, it has powered many NASA vehicles. 

Choose The Best Solar Installer B2B Financing Company

In this blog, we have tried answering your question about how to choose a solar installer B2B financing company. Also, we have mentioned some companies that will help you narrow your list down. To conclude, we would like to say that how to choose a solar installer B2B financing company depends solely on your needs and budget. So, choose accordingly. 

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