How to Connect AirPods to MacBook Air [Trusted Guide]

If you are an Apple user, you probably know how tricky it is to use Apple gadgets for the first time. AirPods and MacBook Air are two best devices from the house of Apple that are known for their advanced features. If you want to listen to music from your AirPods through MacBook Air, you need to connect both devices. Are youwondering how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air? Fret not, we bring a quick and effective guide. 

Check out simple steps explained below to connect AirPods to MacBook Air.

Steps-by-step Guide on How to Connect AirPods to MacBook Air

When you’re ready for a break from a long day of work or school, there’s no need to plug in your earbuds, thanks to the AirPods’ wireless design. Once you place the AirPods in your ears, all controls are done through Siri and will automatically connect to your devices. You won’t have to worry about tangled wires or missing earbuds because of their durable case.But, this is possible only if you know how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to connect AirPods to MacBook Air, here are some steps you can follow. It’s worth noting that this process should work with any other Apple device.

1) Launch the Apple menu>System preferences on your Mac. 

Make sure the Bluetooth tab is selected at the top of the page. If it isn’t, click on it until it is blue-highlighted to access its features. 

Keep the tab open until the set-up is complete.

2) With both the AirPods in the case, open the lid. Press and hold the button the AirPods charging case until the light begins to blink.

Don’t remove one or both the AirPods as it might interrupt the setup. 

3) You should now see the name of your AirPods in the Bluetooth preference window. Click on the “Connect” AirPods option when listed under active devices.

Do this, and your Mac will confirm that it has successfully paired your AirPods.

4) You can check that AirPods are connected to your Mac by clicking on the device name in the left-hand panel. If the title reads “AirPods,” then they’re connected.

5) To disconnect, do the same thing as step 6 but choose “Disconnect.” The Mac should now automatically turn off wireless connectivity between your AirPods and Apple devices.

This approach is different from how to connect AirPods to iPhone, but simple. 

Tip on how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air:

All of these steps aren’t required to utilise the AirPods with your MacBook Air in the future. Simply place the AirPods in your ears, open the Bluetooth menu in the top right corner of the screen, choose the AirPods’ name, and click Connect. Let’s come to another solution for How to connect AirPods to MacBook Air. 

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How to use AirPods Again Once Connected with MacBook Air?

You know how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air, but there is one more thing we want to share with you. You can use your AirPods with your Mac without going through the whole process as above. Once paired or connected, MacBook can automatically detect your Bluetooth device and connect quickly. 

Step 1: Ensure that your Apple device (iPhone and your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) is signed in to iCloud with your parents Apple ID.

Step 2: The AirPods, if previously connected, will be ready to use with the MacBook Air.

Step 3: Place your AirPods in your ears and select the Bluetooth menu (or volume control) in the menu bar on MacBook Air.

Step 4: Now, choose your music and listen on your AirPods.

How to connect two AirPods at same time to your MacBook Air?

Now that you know how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air, did you know you can connect two pairs of AirPods to your MacBook Air at the same time? Well, the answer is YES! 

Now you and your friend can hear songs together. Follow the steps to connect two sets of AirPods to your MacBook Air. Here’s how to begin:

Step1. Click on the Finder > Utilities > and launch Audio MIDI Setup.

Step 2. Tap on the + and click Create Multi-Output Device. Select the box next to the two sets of AirPods. 

Step 3. Then, in the Master Device drop-down menu, select your AirPods. Check the Drift Correction box against the name of the other AirPods.

Step 4. Open the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound > Multi-Output Device. Now, the MacBook Air’s audio will be sent to both sets of AirPods.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re a fan of the AirPods, you won’t have to worry about how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air. These are simple and easy steps to connect it to your Mac. Just remember that any other Apple device that supports Bluetooth can also connect to the AirPods.

And that’s about all there is to it. If you need help, feel free to comment on this post, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs- How to connect AirPods to MacBook Air

#1. AirPods are compatible with which Apple device?

All of the Apple devices that are compatible with the AirPods can be found below. For each device, AirPods can be paired easily in simple steps as described above. .

#2. Should I buy AirPods?

The AirPods are an excellent purchase for MacBook Pro users because of their super-efficient design. You will no longer have to worry about wires getting in the way of typing. 

The AirPods will fit comfortably in your ears, and you won’t have to worry about them falling out while using your computer. During a conference call, you can pick up your phone and continue talking without manually switching between devices. So, AirPods can be a good choice for a hands-free experience if you know how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air.

#3. Can I play music or call with my Mac?

Yes, you can only use your headphones to make/receive calls and listen to audio from playing videos. You can use them for even essential music listening purposes.

#4. How do you pause music with AirPods?

You can pause/play music with a double-tap on one of your earbuds. This is done by tapping once to begin listening and twice to stop. You can also do this with Siri if you are using your iPhone as a backup for the “Hey Siri” feature, which is not working on Macs. To use this feature, simply press and hold one of the volume buttons on the side of your AirPods.

#5. What to do if my AirPods do not connect to MacBook Air?

In case the your AirPods not connecting to MacBook, try the following steps: 

  • Toggle Bluetooth. In the top right hand corner, click the Bluetooth menu, then Turn Off Bluetooth, then Turn On Bluetooth.
  • Remove AirPods and reinstall them. Set up the AirPods again by going to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth > hovering over the app and clicking the X to set up AirPods again.
  • Charge your AirPods. To recharge the AirPods, place the app in their case and plug it into a computer or power adapter.

#6. How to connect AirPods to MacBook Air and iPhone?

Here are the steps for connecting your AirPods to your MacBook Air/Desktop and iPhone:

To sync your AirPods with MacBook Air, follow these steps.

Step 1) Make sure you are running OS X 10.12.2 with the latest updates.

Step 2) Open the lid on your case to power on your AirPods. The lid will be opened automatically when you put your AirPods in the case during the pairing process.

Step 3) Press and hold the setup button on the back of each AirPod until you see [Connected] on your iPhone, just like you did for iPhone 7. The [Connected] might not appear immediately on your iPhone.

Step 4) Swipe up to reveal the [Settings] menu and tap “AirPods” to connect AirPods to MacBook Air.

The first time you connect your AirPods, you will have to wait until you see the word “Connected” for a few seconds in Apple’s Airport Utility on Mac OS X. 

In addition to knowing how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air, you should know how to disconnect them. To disconnect your AirPods, in the [Settings] menu under AirPods, select “AirPods” and tap “Disconnect.”

#7. What to do if my pairing AirPods gets uninterrupted?

If you get an error when trying to pair with a MacBook Air, open your case and carry out the pairing process again. If pairing results in an error message and the lid does not open automatically when you put your AirPods in the case, try connecting them while holding down the setup button for 3 seconds. This is a trouble shooting method if you want to know how to connect AirPods to MacBook Air.

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