How To Find Lost AirPods [Step-by-step Guide With FAQs]

Losing AirPods can be heartbreaking; after all you have invested a huge amount in purchasing them. Thus, you will be looking for every possible way on ‘how to find lost AirPods’. If you are struggling to find your lost AirPods, this post can help you. So relax and take a back seat, because finding your lost AirPods is our responsibility now. 

This short article can save you time ! In this post, we will share some easy-peasy tips on how to find lost AirPods. Additionally, we will answer the following questions:

  1. How To Find My AirPods
  2. How To Find My AirPod Case
  3. How To Track AirPods
  4. How To Find One Lost AirPod
  5. How To Add AirPods To Find My iPhone
  6. How To Find Lost AirPods With the Find My App

1# How To Find My AirPods

So, you were working out and lost your AirPods in the gym or park? Now, wonder how to find lost AirPods? Luckily, finding AirPods is not a big deal, if:

  • The AirPods are lost without a case
  • They are fully charged
  • The AirPods are in Bluetooth Range

If they are showing “Connected” on your iPhone, there’s hope. Let’s expand this and move on to how to find lost AirPods.

i) Navigate Through The Find My App

Go to the device tab and search for the AirPods on the list.

ii) Click On “Play Sound”

This function will enable your AirPods to send out their very own signals. But, this “How To Find Lost AirPods” trick will only work if the AirPods are charged, in range, and out of their case.

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2# How To Find My AirPod Case

Minutes ago, you were listening to your favourite music in the park, then moved and lost your AirPods case down there at the park bench. What’s next? The upcoming is predicted: you will search “how to find my AirPod Case,” but unfortunately, the Find My App has no way to trace the AirPods Case without pods into them.

So, how to find lost AirPods or just a case? Here are the steps:

  • Open the “Find My iPhone” app
  • Here you will find all the devices previously paired with your iPhone. Choose AirPods from the list
  • Check, if there is a green light blipping behind your AirPods
  • If yes, the case is nearby

Now, all you can do is scour your home. If the AirPod case is head, there’s no way to find it back. However, you can count the following advice.

Our best advice is to retrace your path in the hope of finding an honest stranger who has found and is waiting at the exact spot you’ve dropped or lost your AirPod Case. 

3# How To Find Lost AirPods Case With AirPods In Them?

So, you are no longer searching for how to find lost AirPods, instead of hunting for a secret tip to find both. Well, don’t feel ashamed because losing AirPods is perhaps the most common thing the New Yorkers do

If you’ve just joined the list by losing your AirPod Case with AirPods in it, here is how to find Lost AirPods and Case.

  • Launch the “Find My Phone” app
  • Choose your AirPods from the list of paired devices
  • Look for the green light at the back
  • If it pairs successfully, Tap on the play options to play the sound
  • Now follow the sound to find your case with AirPods in it
  • If you cannot hear the sound, tap on the “Car” icon and follow the direction on the map

4# How To Track AirPods

If you wonder how to find lost AirPods, let us tell you that the “Find My iPhone” is the only way to track or locate your lost AirPod. There is no other Apple Service that can find or track, or otherwise flag your Apple Device.

Note: If you use an Apple ID assigned by a school or educational institute, you won’t have access to “Find My iPhone.” Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find lost AirPods:

How To Find Lost AirPods on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

  • Open the “Find My iPhone” app
  • Go to the “Device” tab
  • Select your AirPods.

You will either see a location under each device (if traced successfully) or no location (if not traced).

How To Find Lost AirPods on Any Computer

Most people wonder how to find lost AirPods without an iPhone or Find My App. Here are some easy steps to find your lost AirPods without an iPhone.

  • Visit on any computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac)
  • Sign in using your Apple ID
  • Go to all devices, then select your AirPods.

Under each device, you can check either the live location or the last location of the AirPods. If the AirPods were last located at a park, and the exact location cannot be traced—you better re-walk on your route in search of them.

5# How To Find One Lost AirPod

Since AirPods don’t have any built-in mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be complicated to find one lost AirPods. If you wonder how to find lost AirPods in house, here are some easy steps:

  • Go to Find My (Find My iPhone) app
  • Sign up using your Apple ID that was activated in the device
  • Tap on Devices at the bottom center of the screen
  • Choose your AirPods
  • A map will pop up with your AirPods’ live or last location
    • It comes with two options (either  play a sound or get the direction)
  • Choose play sound
    • Your AirPods will automatically start chirping, giving a sound signal

If this fails to find your AirPods, track the location on the app. It will help you reach the current or last known location of your AirPods. Now find the next solution to how to find lost AirPods. 

6# How To Add AirPods To Find My iPhone

If you often lose your belongings, especially the gadgets like iWatch, iPad, etc., you would have been familiar with the Find My iPhone App. This app simply traces the location of your gadgets and keeps them on the radar. If you wonder how to add AirPods to the Find My iPhone app, here are the steps to follow.

  • Pair up your AirPods with an iPhone, iPad, iWatch, or Mac
  • Sign in to the device using an Apple ID
  • Your device will automatically be added to the Find My app

Wonder how to find lost AirPods with this app? Read along the following section.

7# How To Find Lost AirPods With the Find My App

If you have successfully set up your AirPods with the Find My app, here’s how to find lost AirPods with the Find My iPhone app.

  • Launch the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Choose AirPods from the Device tab at the bottom
  • Now “Play Sound” if you can find then following a tune
  • You can follow a location if the AirPods are showing any location *(Current or Last Known)

Final Thought

Losing your AirPods or any other expensive Apple Product is a nightmare, even worse. In the first place, you ought to be careful with your gadgets. However, if you still lose them, we thank Apple for having the Find My app. With this application, you can find or trace almost any Apple Device (if charged). Thus, how to find lost AirPods is simple. 

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