How To Get More Followers On Twitch

Increasing your Twitch followers is the best way to reach people interested in video games and entertainment. Do you want to know how to get more followers on Twitch?  You can market your blog, product, or services to people and turn them into blog leads, followers or customers. 

So in this blog, I will share a few tips on how to get more Twitch followers.

Expert Tips On How To Get More Followers On Twitch

Around 8 million people are successful Twitch streamers. If you’re a new twitch streamer, the thought of increasing followers might be scary. 

If you want to gain Twitch followers quickly, read these tips on how to get more followers on Twitch. You can also increase your subscribers on Youtube. 

1- Organise a Twitch Giveaway

It is the easiest way to attract more followers on Twitch if you organise a Twitch giveaway. It’s a truth that everyone loves giveaways, and they can easily viral your brand. 

You can also do this live on your Twitch account. Did you know that organising a giveaway on your Twitch account can send the targeted audience directly to your giveaway page? As a result, people are more likely to read your content and buy your product and services. Organising a giveaway in your Twitch account is easy with WordPress plugins. It is one of the main things to consider about how to get more followers on Twitch. 

2- Stream a right Twitch content

Choosing the right content is an effective way to gain more followers on your Twitch account. These days it is much more than that of a gaming platform. 

It is more important to create the right content that appeals to the right audience. 

If your channel is about gaming video, look at some most popular video gaming categories and platforms. Then you select a video game stream that attracts more viewers. 

3- Keep up to regular streaming schedule

Keeping up with a regular streaming schedule is an important thing to remember how to get more followers on Twitch. These days, people are busy in their lives. Keeping up a regular streaming schedule makes it easy for people to catch your podcast when you go live. 

While making your streaming schedule, consider your target audience so that you can reach them at the right time. 4 pm to 6:30 pm is the best time to stream on Twitch. This timing makes sense because a majority of the people return home from work or school. Another time slot you can use is midnight to 9 am when there is less competition. At this time many viewers are active and fewer channels are there to grab people’s attention. 

4- Stream For Several Hours At A Time

If we’re talking about your stream schedule, it is important to remember how long you stream at a time, and it can influence the number of followers. 

A general thumb rule is that streams should not be less than 2 hours and not more than 4 hours at a time. If you stream for about 20 minutes, it does not reach its peak. And if that happens, you have a difficult time convincing those people to subscribe to your channels. Many people consider streaming for several hours at a time as the best tip on how to get more followers on Twitch. 

5- Be Creative With Your Stream Titles

It’s easy to avoid some things as simple as the name of your stream. However, details are important to help people find your broadcast. 

People are likely to use certain words and queries while looking for something to watch on Twitch. Keep this in mind while creating a stream name, 

For example,  if you’re looking for a popular video game in that case we’d enter the title of the game in the search box. If you’re streaming the game video, it’s a good idea to put its name somewhere in the stream title. You can remember this tip for how to get more followers on Twitch.

6- Create An Attractive Twitch Layout

For this trick, you’ll need to find out the way to make your account different from your competition.  Create an attractive and eye-catching Twitch layout! 

There are free tools like Canva that can be used to create custom graphics for Twitch layouts that seek the attention of the people. This tip is the most creative way to answer the question, how to get more followers on Twitch. 

You can add some of the following images

  • Profile Photo
  • Channel banner
  • Banner for video player

7- Publish Stream On Your Website

Publishing streams on your website is an excellent way to promote your Twitch channel and seek people’s attention. In addition, if you do this, a visitor on your website can watch your stream live on the website.  

8- Add Twitch Follow Button on Your Site

If a visitor on your website can’t easily find your Twitch account, I am sure they won’t visit and subscribe to your channel. So you can add the Twitch follow button on your website. I think it is the best answer to this question of how to get more followers on Twitch. 


I hope this blog gave you some insights on how to get more followers on Twitch. Above mentioned is the list of a few tips you must remember about how to get more Twitch followers. Look no further, for these tips are the secret of gaining more followers on a Twitch account.