How to Import Solar Panels From China

Solar energy is the most promising renewable energy source of energy, and China is making it more affordable and convenient as China produces solar panels at the lowest prices globally. For the last few years, China has been presented as the largest producer of solar panel providers. China produces half of the world’s total solar panels, and the maximum of these are exported globally.

Trading solar panels worldwide, China significantly impacts pricing, specifications, warranties, and manufacturing process. Poly-silicon solar panels are primarily produced in China. The majority of the solar panel companies are located in China because of the abundant poly-silicon and low production costs. For example, take Sun Power, an American company and a famous brand for solar panels that sources most of its production from China. Chinese solar manufacturers offer solar panels in all ranges in quality such as economy, standard, and premium because of the meagre cost of production and availability of raw materials.

China’s skilled and cheap labour makes it possible to invite companies to move to China, where they receive tax credits instead of paying taxes and building up the world’s largest solar manufacturing hub. Today China is dominating the solar market in PV installation as well as total installed capacity.


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