How to Manage Freelance Team – Managements, Budget, and Software

Do you struggle working with a freelance team and the productivity suffers a lot? In this post, we will tell you how to manage a freelance team. We will talk about the best team management software and share proven tips on the same.

Whether you’re a new business or just want to keep your team short and flexible- having a freelancing team is an excellent way to get creative work done in limited resources. But once you hire freelancers, managing the entire team can be difficult without having proper knowledge or prior experience. To help you in managing your freelance team seamlessly, we bring simple tips on How to manage a freelance team. 

According to Gallup’s research, remote freelancers work more efficiently and are productive than traditional counterparts who are stuck to their desks for nine hours. In fact, research predicts that half of the US workforce will be working as freelance by 2022, which gives rise to the urgency of learning how to manage a freelance team effectively & remotely. 

However, it would be challenging to manage a team remotely. This entire model of managing a freelancing team can be broken into two factors. The first is project management tools that predominantly include an online-hiring platform, time-tracking software, and dedicated communication channels. 

The second set of tools is the manager’s understanding. It will first start with learning how to manage a project from start to finish, and ends with the way you treat your freelancers. 

The entire process is going to be handled remotely, so being a manager you need to be more organized and professional. Try these tips to stay organized as a manager. Unlike full-time employees, freelancers are more productive and dedicated to their work when they know they are hired for a specific time and tightly defined tasks. As a leader, you should know the strategies to make more benefits out of their time. For this, you should know how to manage a freelance team. 

In this post, we’ll break down-

  • Tips to manage freelancers
  • Budget for freelancers
  • Tools to manage freelancing team

With no more delay, let’s come to the point and learn how to manage freelancers. 

How to Engage Freelancer- Simple Useful Tips to Manage Freelancing Team

The Freelance Mindset

First, let’s face the biggest truth that freelancers are not working next to your cabin as your employees. Delegating the tasks, communicating dozens of times in a day, discussing even small things is easy with your permanent employees. This approach doesn’t work with freelancers. 

Freelancers choose this way of working because they afford a high degree of flexibility. It’s better to give them space after assigning them a task with a deadline. This is how to manage a freelance team deliberately.   

Set Up the Goals

Setting up the goals and discussing them with the team is also required when you work with freelancers. After discussing your business goals with them, you will bring more clarity to your aim and help them to work towards them. Take the time to plan what needs to be done and assign the task to the freelancer who fits best to that profile. 

Be Honest   

Being honest in the work is the key to meeting organizational goals. Like in-house employees, you also need to be honest with your freelancers if you want them to stay long. Rather than being clever, you should be transparent about how & when you are monitoring their work. 

Budget Tips to Manage Freelancers

Let’s burst a widespread myth about freelancers. Freelancers are not cheap compared to in-house employees, in fact sometimes they are costlier. But setting up their budget will help you effectively with ‘how to manage a freelance team’. 

The Actual Cost of Freelancers

When you hire freelancers, you need to take into account their payment options. It should be based on the work done by them, not how much time they have worked. Most freelancers charge a subscription fee and require training; this would be money and time wastage, so hire accordingly. 

Set a Clear Budget For Freelancing Team

If you think about how to manage a freelancing team, developing a budget is an easier approach. However, developing a prior budget for a freelancing team before hiring or assigning them tasks is a little complex. The budget for a freelancing team should always start with ROI. So, calculate a rough amount of ROI and how much you can invest in freelancing. 

Software to Manage Freelancers

When you have decided to invest in freelancers, it is important to think about project management software. These software are specially designed for remote work. If you’re worried about how to manage freelancers, choose any of the best project management software that will help you with complete project management solutions. It includes communication, monitoring, tracking, etc. 


Trello is a card-based project management system with a simple interface. It is the ideal place for individuals and teams to get started with their work.  

Teamwork Project

The app interface is straightforward and easy to use. Tasks are viewable as kanban boards. Software lets project managers automate various actions such as time-tracking, reporting, etc. 

Microsoft Project

The software is perfect for large and complex projects. However, it is a little complex to use, but trained professionals can handle it quickly.


Wrike comes with different features like Gantt Charts, a useful dashboard, a time tracking tool, and a comprehensive reporting suite. 

If you’re looking for how to engage freelancers, these software will help you to do so. Trello, at the top of the list, has a simple interface and card-based software. On the other hand, Wrike comes with multiple high-end features that give a complete hold over the project. 

Hiring the freelancer team is always an excellent way to build up your business. Freelancers are dedicated to their work and are productive as they are paid for their work not for time. Businesses are relying more on freelancers nowadays and it will become a tradition in more coming years. If being a manager, you play your cards right, you’ll be able to manage the project precisely and make most of it. When you know how to manage a freelance team, hopefully, it’ll be easier for you. 

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