IBM Plans To Replace 7,800 Jobs; Company Pauses Hiring 

International Business Machines Corp (IBM) decides to pause the hiring process and deploy artificial intelligence to take over 7,800 jobs in the company. The decision is taken amidst the increasing adoption of technology. In an interview, Arvind Krishna, the CEO, confirmed the halt in the hiring process.

Krishna said, “I could easily see 30% of that getting replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period.” It estimates around 7,800 jobs being at stake for the workers. The hiring in the back office functions and HR roles has taken a pause in the company. Tasks that require less consumer interaction and need more automation. Currently. 26,000 jobs in the company are classified as non-customer-facing roles, which are at risk of being replaced by AI. 

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The more repetitive and mundane HR duties, like shifting employees between departments and providing verification letters to the employees, will be fully automated, and HR professionals will be able to focus on more humane tasks, such as evaluating and testing the productivity and performance of the employees.

The decision to pause the hiring and put 7,800 jobs at stake for the AI to take over came a few months after its decision to lay off 3,900 employees. The reason for this layoff is the missing annual cash target and an asset disinvestment strategy. 

The advent of AI has not only put tech jobs at stake, but it has the potential to take over a much larger section of companies’ technical and quantitative aspects. Do you think this advent of AI will be limited to the tech giants, or other sectors will be under its clutches too? Tell us your views in the comments section below! 

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