How to Import Handbags from USA?

How to Import Handbags from USA?, How to Import Bags from USA? How to Import Designer Handbags from USA?
How to Import Bags from USA?

How to Import Bags from USA?

Importing goods from the USA and primarily leather products such as handbags are widely preferred by many nations. Now the question arises How to Import Bags from USA?

The Reasons to Import Bags from USA

  • Handbags are durable
  • Bags are stylish
  • Handbags carry the brand image, that is widely acclaimed in many nations
  • Bags are reasonable in price (most of the times) for the quality that they assure you

Ways to Import 

Sitting in another corner of the world, do you think importing handbags can be easy? Nah!! There are several ways that you can adapt to make the process easier and to get merchandise available into your country from the United States. We will discuss on a few of them –

Wholesale buyers can visit the country and handpick items that are to be imported on their own. Preparing the shipment to the dealer will be a major activity that you will need to take care.

How to Import Designer Handbags from USA?
How to Import Designer Handbags from USA?

Here’s what you need to do with the vendor who has supplied/sold the handbags to you

  • Procure a commercial invoice – this needs to carry monetary value of the items in the shipment
  • Packing List – details on what you are importing (the handbags information)
  • Detail Sheet – outlines the products’ manufacturing/ making process so that the customs can determine the duty classification of the same
  • Bill of Lading – usually your carrier issues this to acknowledge the receipt of cargo for shipment
  • Determine the carrier for your shipment. Shipping by air is the easiest option but the charges are at least 5 times more compared to shipping the consignment by sea. Mostly your vendor determines his convenience in choosing the career of his choice.

As a Re-seller

  • Alternatively, as a reseller, you can also import goods from a seller from the United States by sitting at the convenience of your living room or office. In this case, again, the steps enumerated above should be a process that your seller or vendor needs to adapt to ship the consignment to you.
  • Just in case you have a large volume to be shipped, prefer to opt for shipping by the sea that involves a customs duty tax to be paid. The duty tax is governed by the country to which the import is made. For example: if you are importing into India, the HS-Code to be declared on your shipment is 4202, and which will be evaluated at the ports by the custom officers
  • If shipping by air, carriers like DHL, FedEx will ensure that the consignment adheres to the import criteria and the charges are levied against the importer accordingly. Sometimes, they are also borne by the vendor according to the terms/conditions in the trade
  • Online channels like iBhejo and other such retail websites are selling merchandise that is specifically from the United States. You can search and look up for handbags from their list or categories of women’s accessories. The limitation with such retail websites is that the importing of handbags is limited to retail consumers where you get a single piece or limited to 5 pieces per product. Other wholesale buying from online channels are evolving and will see more orders in bulk ordering over eCommerce modes.

This highlight the basic processes of importing handbags from the USA. If you are an entrepreneur hoping to venture into selling merchandise from the USA, these steps may come to your aid.

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