India’s Equity Market Cap Touches $4 Trillion Mark

A few weeks ago we heard that that India will soon cross the $4 trillion mark, and now that news has come to fruition. Indian Equity market cap has finally reached the $4 trillion mark. The total market cap of all the stocks listed on the  BSE hit an all-time high figure of ₹ 333 lakh crore or $4 trillion. Now the Indian stock market is ranked firmly at 5th in the world behind only the US, China, Japan and Hong Kong. 

India’s market cap has increased by  ₹51 lakh crore in 2023 and the biggest contributors to that are the small and midcap stocks. The extraordinary number of IPOs listed this year also contributed to this achievement. India reached the mark of $3 trillion 2 years ago and in 2 years it has managed to increase by 33%, which is unheard of when talking about the Indian stock market. Recently, Nifty and SENSEX both created a new all-time high. The BSE SENSEX has rallied around 5,000 points since the start of the fiscal year. 

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and steadily climbing its way to becoming a global economic superpower. The stock broking firm CLSA expects India to grow at an even faster rate and become one of the three top global economies in the world. The firm claims that India has the potential to reach the mark of $29 trillion by 2047 and $34 trillion by 2052. 

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