WhatsApp Users Flooded With International Spam Calls  

For the last couple of days, WhatsApp users In India have been receiving many spam calls from International numbers. Most of these spam calls are from African and South East Asia countries. Having millions of WhatsApp active users in India, such spam calls impose a threat of financial risk. In addition, some WhatsApp users also receive text messages about making money online. Most of these numbers start from +62 (Indonesia), (+251) Ethiopia, +254 (Kenya), and +84 (Vietnam).

It is the new International spam in which WhatsApp users are asked to complete simple tasks on social media platforms in exchange for money. There is no official statement from WhatsApp yet on the International spamming call. Various public figures took to Twitter to share their concern about the new fake call spam. 

Gaurav Munjal, Founder of Unacademy Group, posted, “What is happening with WhatsApp?” A New-Delhi-based Journalist also posted on Twitter, “WhatsApp needs to allow us to choose to get calls from contacts only.”

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What Users Can Do To Protect Themselves from New WhatsApp Call Scam?

In the last few days, the number of WhatsApp scam calls surged, in which scammers target users by offering part-time jobs. There is a higher chance that users’ identity and financial information can be stolen during the process. The primary step every WhatsApp user needs to take is to avoid attending calls from International numbers. 

There is no advisory released from the Indian Government side on the new WhatsApp call scam. However, it is advised not to answer such calls which seem anonymous. Previously, WhatsApp also stated that users should block and report the number as soon as possible. In the age of social media scams, it is vital to be aware of the new techniques scammers use to steal people’s financial information.

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