Dr. Simmardeep Gill

Transforming Patient Care at Sterling Hospitals

Dr. Simmardeep Gill


Sterling Hospitals

With over 23 years of distinguished leadership in the healthcare industry, Dr. Gill commands a position of authority as the MD and CEO of Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad. His seasoned expertise and visionary strategies have propelled Sterling Hospitals to the forefront of healthcare innovation, setting an unparalleled standard for patient care and experience in Gujarat and beyond.
Spearheading Sterling Addlife India Private Limited (SAIPL), the largest hospital network in the region, Dr. Gill’s leadership has been instrumental in establishing Sterling Hospitals as a bastion of excellence. With a total capacity exceeding 900 beds across multiple locations, Sterling Hospitals stands as a super-specialty tertiary care hospital chain, renowned for its advanced infrastructure and expertise in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, critical care, nephrology, and oncology.
Drawing from his extensive experience at prestigious institutions like Fortis Healthcare, and CK Birla Hospitals, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his role. Under his guidance, Sterling Hospitals is undergoing transformative changes, navigating complex challenges with resilience and innovation. His commitment to organisational rejuvenation and relentless pursuit of excellence have solidified his reputation as a leader of change in the healthcare landscape.
Simmar’s leadership transcends conventional boundaries, driving Sterling Hospitals towards a future defined by cuttingedge healthcare solutions and unparalleled patient-centricity. He discussed this in an exclusive interview with TradeFlock. 

What was your strategic vision upon joining Sterling Hospitals, and how have you begun implementing it?

Upon joining Sterling Hospitals, my strategic vision was to position it as the premier healthcare chain in the region, distinguished for its clinical and operational excellence. This entails a comprehensive approach encompassing exceptional clinical programmes, top-tier patient care, innovative medical practices, a collaborative healthcare environment, and operational efficiency. Our growth vision extends beyond financial metrics, emphasising the personal and professional development of our team members to drive organisational success while upholding core values. Collaboratively, we devised the “Build on and Transform” roadmap for FY24, focusing on initiatives like brand rollout, team cohesion, change management, talent engagement, and infrastructure upgrades. By emphasising employee safety, resource optimisation, and efficient asset management, we ensure our transformation agenda remains adaptive and responsive. Tangible outcomes include the annual operating plan, revenue forecast, and EBIDTA margins, reflecting our strategic endeavours aimed at business excellence amidst evolving dynamics and market conditions.

What were the major barriers to this transformation, and how did you overcome them?

We encountered various barriers to transformation, including employee morale, legacy issues, clinician turnover, hospital underutilization, cultural resistance, outdated infrastructure, and fierce competition. To address these challenges, we initiated transparent communication forums like town hall meetings and clinical councils, fostering alignment and morale. Structured engagements with clinicians, celebrations, offsite meetings, and a clear vision statement provided strategic direction. We introduced rewards programmes, medical insurance, and standardised uniforms to enhance well-being and professionalism. Operations and patient experience programs were launched to elevate care quality. Simultaneously, a robust brand launch campaign reshaped internal and external perceptions through billboards, press conferences, and media coverage. Strategic communication efforts centred on our vision, mission, and values, defined through a three-phase process of diagnostics, articulation, and cascading alignment, facilitated by organisational development experts, are aimed at fostering alignment and driving transformative change throughout the organisation.

What are Sterling Hospitals' top priorities for the next five years?

Over the next five years, our primary focus at Sterling Hospitals will be strategic expansion, elevating clinical programmes, attracting top-tier talent, and delivering exceptional patient experience. Firstly, we aim to expand geographically, reaching more communities to fulfil unmet healthcare needs. Secondly, we will enhance clinical programmes to provide the highest standard of care and remain at the forefront of medical advancements. Talent acquisition is crucial; we’ll attract and retain exceptional clinicians to foster a culture of excellence. Lastly, we will prioritise delivering unparalleled patient experience and ensuring compassionate and personalised care. These priorities will strengthen our commitment to excellence towards healthcare delivery.

What recent technological advancement has Sterling Hospitals adopted, and how has it impacted patient care?

Sterling Hospitals has recently embraced cuttingedge technology to revolutionise patient care. One notable advancement is the integration of optical coherence tomography (OCT), which offers high-resolution imaging of coronary arteries and enhances diagnostic precision. This addition complements our existing capabilities and improves patient outcomes. For instance, we’ve introduced an advanced ECMO machine, bolstering critical care services under the expertise of Dr. Pratibha Dileep. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond medical equipment. We’ve embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation initiative, streamlining the patient journey. From online appointment scheduling to telemedicine consultations and electronic health records, every aspect is optimized for efficiency and accessibility. This digitalization effort aims to enhance patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes by providing seamless, patient-centred care. At Sterling Hospitals, we continue to leverage technology to deliver the highest standards of healthcare.

What benefits does the legacy of Sterling Hospitals provide?

The legacy of Sterling Hospitals, established in 2002 as Gujarat’s pioneering corporate healthcare institution, has been instrumental in shaping our transformation journey. Despite recent challenges, our brand retains its resonance and trust within the community. Leveraging this esteemed history strategically allows us to capitalize on the inherent recognition and reputation associated with Sterling Hospitals. This propels us forward, driving growth and revitalization as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in healthcare. 

What leadership philosophy guides you through roles from COO to CEO across diverse hospital groups?

My leadership philosophy, cultivated through varied roles from COO to CEO across hospital groups, revolves around serving individuals during their toughest moments. This principle drives clarity and alignment in all actions. In our people-centric industry, effective engagement and collaboration are paramount. Prioritising these qualities fosters cohesion, empowering teams to achieve collective goals with compassion and integrity.
















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