Manoj Meena

A Visionary Architect of India's Healthcare Future

Manoj Meena

Vice President Operations,

Pristyn Care

I ndia’s healthcare sector has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the government ramping up investments to extend healthcare services to the remotest corners of the country. Despite these advancements, a stark disparity remains in the quality and cost of healthcare services between tier I cities and their tier II and III counterparts. Driven by a powerful vision to redefine healthcare and close this gap, Manoj Meena, the Vice President of Operations at Pristyn Care, is leading the charge in this vital transformation.
Bringing extensive expertise in business transformation, process management, and leadership, Manoj joined Pristyn Care in September 2022. Based in Gurugram, he swiftly assumed a pivotal role in shaping the company’s expansion. With a firm commitment to ensuring a seamless patient journey, Manoj aims to democratise high-quality healthcare across regions. At Pristyn Care, he’s revolutionising healthcare delivery by optimising hospital capacities and integrating advanced medical technologies. His strategic vision addresses critical concerns like cost efficiency and postoperative care, ensuring consistent treatment quality for urban and rural patients.
Previously, as National Sales Head at Ezyhaul (DHL group company), he drove the launch and growth of the India SME business, pioneering revenue streams and strategic alliances. At BlackBuck, he achieved a 500% revenue surge in six months, showcasing his strategic acumen and operational excellence. In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Manoj discussed his strategies and the way he is redefining the healthcare ecosystem. 

Why move from big companies to healthcare startups?

Transitioning from corporate giants to healthcare startups is fueled by my quest for challenges and impactful work. Unlike corporate roles, startups offer autonomy and ownership, as seen in my experience at BlackBuck. The healthcare sector’s disparity in access and affordability motivates me; while tier I cities thrive, tier II and III cities struggle. With rising investments and technological advancements, there’s immense potential for innovation. I’m driven to bridge these gaps, especially with India’s ageing population, which is reshaping healthcare accessibility and quality.

How are you changing Pristyn Care and boosting profitability with key strategies?

At Pristyn Care, we’re revolutionising healthcare by prioritising customer experience and operational excellence. With a diverse portfolio spanning nearly 50 categories, our key strategy is to ensure a seamless patient journey from consultation to discharge. By refining processes and deploying innovative technology, we streamline operations and enhance stakeholder satisfaction. Our focus on clear touchpoints and aligned patient expectations fosters trust and loyalty. Through collaborative efforts with patients, hospitals, doctors, and vendors, we’re making Pristyn Care more approachable, efficient, and profitable while maintaining a steadfast commitment to patient-centric care.

How have your strategies improved operational excellence?

Since joining Pristyn Care, I’ve spearheaded operational transformations to optimise patient experiences. Unlike conventional markets, Pristyn faces multifaceted challenges due to its asset-light hospital model. Leveraging underutilised hospital capacities, we deploy in-house doctors and source some equipment externally, ensuring patient needs align with our targets. Addressing broader healthcare sector gaps, we prioritise quality penetration by standardising care across cities. We mitigate cost disparities by offering consistent pricing regardless of location, fostering affordability and trust. Additionally, we enhance postoperative care clarity, crucial for working patients, through comprehensive follow-up protocols. By focusing on reach, financial accessibility, and procedural transparency, we aim to alleviate patient concerns and foster satisfaction across our healthcare network.

How do you stay updated?

I stay updated through industry publications, discussions with healthcare professionals and patients, and monitoring competitors. This comprehensive approach keeps me informed about emerging trends and strategies.

What are your key strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths include an unwavering focus on understanding and addressing patient needs, coupled with strong execution abilities and resourcefulness in aligning stakeholders. However, my excessive customer focus sometimes leads to being overly critical of myself if a patient faces slightest of concerns. In positive patient feedback also I often feel like I could have done more. This can lead to overworking and not celebrating small wins. To overcome it I have learned to objectively evaluate my achievements, balance it with self-care and a healthy perspective on my accomplishments.

How do you use customer feedback in your operations?

We integrate customer feedback at various stages of their journey, including OPD visits, admission, and discharge. This multitouchpoint approach enables us to gather comprehensive insights. Our robust feedback mechanism involves dedicated teams and partners who promptly address any issues raised by patients, ensuring a proactive approach to problem-solving.

How do you envision the future of healthcare amidst global disruptions, and what's your role in shaping it?

Amidst global healthcare disruption, Tier II and III cities are pivotal growth arenas, with expanding hospital chains attesting to their potential. At Pristyn Care, our mission is to standardise care, finances, and post-operative support, ensuring uniform quality across all regions. By championing predictability and accessibility, we’re not just closing the urbanrural divide but fostering a more equitable healthcare landscape, propelling the sector’s holistic advancement and inclusivity.

How do you empower your people?

I prioritise open dialogue with frontline staff, valuing their input and promptly addressing concerns. This approach fosters a supportive environment where every team member contributes to our organisation’s growth and efficiency. By empowering employees and fostering collaboration, we ensure the delivery of highquality care to patients and partners, enhancing overall effectiveness and workplace satisfaction.

What are your upcoming challenges?

My main challenges ahead involve steering Pristyn Care through hyper-growth, optimising operations, and refining our long-term strategy. On a personal level, I aim to continuously learn and assess the lasting impact of my development. This entails staying updated on industry trends, acquiring new skills, and ensuring my growth aligns with both organisational needs and the changing healthcare landscape.