India’s 10 Most Influential Healthcare Leaders


India’s healthcare sector faces a trio of critical issues: unequal access to services, substandard quality of care, and rising costs. The country’s healthcare infrastructure is under pressure, with a doctor-to-patient ratio that falls short of the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. Additionally, the increasing demand for healthcare in urban centers contrasts sharply with the lack of services in rural areas, highlighting the uneven distribution of healthcare delivery. Despite these obstacles, innovative healthcare leaders are spearheading transformative changes. They are utilising digital technologies to close the gap in healthcare access, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve patient monitoring and care. These trailblazers are enhancing healthcare infrastructure and cultivating an environment that emphasises patient-focused care.

In its latest exclusive edition titled ‘India’s 10 Most Influential Healthcare Leaders,’ TradeFlock celebrates these pioneering healthcare leaders who are driving progress toward a more inclusive and sophisticated healthcare ecosystem.

Amzur Technologies

Sanjay Pandey

Chief Executive Officer

LifeCare Hospitals

Dr. Sanjay Pandey’s comprehensive career, which covers more than twenty years in hospital management, business growth, and strategic foresight, highlights his deep comprehension of healthcare’s transformative impact. Guided by principles of integrity, empathy, and clinical distinction, he upholds LifeCare Hospitals as pillars of hope and restoration, garnering the confidence of both patients and contributors in the healthcare sector.

Menrva Technologies

Dr. Deepa Dave
Dr. Deepa Dave

National Director of Operations

Pathkind Labs

Dr. Deepa’s distinguished 28-year career in the diagnostic sector is highlighted by her substantial contributions and leadership positions. She earned her MBBS and MD degrees from Lady Hardinge Medical College, qualifications demonstrating her deep knowledge. Her expertise in hematology, immunohematology, coagulation, and flow cytometry has propelled Pathkind Labs to a standard of excellence.

AUK Computing

Dr. M R Zulfi


Physio Active

Dr. Zulfi’s career is fueled by a profound aspiration to relieve suffering and enhance mobility. His renown as a healer extends internationally. Having treated more than 84,700 patients from 56 diverse nations, his extensive network of medical professionals and his adeptness in founding physiotherapy centers exemplify his dedication to global health and wellness.

Chropynska India

Manoj Meena

Vice President Operations

Pristyn Care

As Vice President of Operations at Pristyn Care, Manoj Meena is transforming healthcare delivery by enhancing hospital capacities and incorporating cutting-edge medical technologies. His strategic foresight is tackling essential issues such as cost-effectiveness and post-surgical care, guaranteeing uniform quality of treatment for patients in urban and rural areas.

Senior Director

Mudit Dandwate
Mudit Dandwate

CEO & Co-Founder


Mudit has initiated a quest to transform patient monitoring in India and beyond. His professional journey is one of technological advancement and demonstrates the strength of perseverance and innovative thinking. Transitioning from designing race cars to leading advancements in healthcare technology, his career is marked by an unwavering dedication to excellence and a profound commitment to enhancing the well-being of others.

Director - AI

Rakesh Shah
Rakesh Shah

Director Supply Network Operations - India Clusters

Merck Healthcare

Rakesh Shah is a skilled leader in the constantly changing landscape of healthcare, boasting three decades of diverse experience. He is distinguished for his versatility and strategic insight. His leadership effortlessly adapts to various pharmaceutical environments and challenges, highlighting a profound grasp of the unique intricacies of each organisation.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Dr. Simmardeep Gill
Dr. Simmardeep Gill


Sterling Hospitals

With more than 23 years of eminent leadership in the healthcare sector, Dr. Gill holds a commanding role as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad. His extensive experience and forward-thinking strategies have driven Sterling Hospitals to become a leader in healthcare innovation, establishing an unmatched benchmark for patient care and service in Gujarat and further afield.