Indonesia Can Bridge The East-West Gap, Says Businessman

One of the most prominent businessmen in Indonesia has said that Indonesia has the potential of being the bridge between the eastern axis and the western axis. Anindya Bakrie also noted that China has been investing a lot of money in Indonesia for a long time now but the South Asian country is trying to balance its trade with both the east and the west. 

Anindya is the owner of Bakrie and Brothers and he said in an interview that soon, Indonesia can have its very own net-zero industrial park which will be able to process Nickel freely and easily using wind energy as a source and sell it to US markets as a premium product. He also stated that Indonesia is being as balanced as possible when it comes to trading. The country needs Chinese materials, investment and machinery but it also has the United States Of America as one of its biggest markets. Having the biggest Nickel reserves in the world, if somehow they find a way to process that nickel with renewable energy, it will be a significant step towards world peace. 

On top of that, Anindya’s company, which is mainly a coal and mining company, had previously bought 52 electric buses. EVs are in demand in the entire world nowadays. From the US  to India, EV demands are high. The main problem is energy. Anindya is also trying to tie up with Chinese EV manufacturer BYD to make buses and use them as public transportation in Indonesia. If this renewable energy push works, there is a chance that Indonesia might become a haven for clean and renewable energy. 

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