iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks That Redefine The Apple Experience

Apple has a weird habit of creating extraordinary things, and the iPhone 11 is, no doubt, one such thing. Coming up with a price tag of $699, this phone has many secrets, which we are going to unveil today. In this iPhone 11 tips and tricks session, we will disclose some crazy iPhone 11 hidden features that are really shocking but mind bowling. 

30 secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks nobody would tell you

Let’s start this, but if you missed out on iPhone 11 new features & specifications, refresh your mind with a detailed iPhone 11 review here.

Learn The New Gestures First

Are you coming up from an older iPhone, e.g., 6, 7, or 8 series? Congrats because the iPhone 11 will be your first iPhone without Home Button. You’ll really need to spend time learning the new gestures. Fret not. They are really simple;

  • Power ON & OFF
    • Press & Hold the side button to turn on.
    • Press & Hold either of the volume buttons and side button until the slider appears.
  • Notifications
    • Swipe down from the top-left of your iPhone screen.
  • Control Center
    • Swipe down from the top-right of your iPhone screen.
  • Use Siri
    • Press & Hold your side button to launch Siri.
  • Force Reset
    • Tap the Volume Up and then Volume Down button and then press & hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Try New Direct Transfer Mode

One of the most useful iPhone 11 tips and tricks, this new direct transfer feature has made iPhone to iPhone easier like never before. If you are using an iPhone with iOS 12.4 or later, you can use this iPhone 11 hidden feature. Here is how to transfer everything from one iPhone to another.

  • Turn on your new iPhone
  • Place it near your old iPhone
  • “Set Up New iPhone” will appear on your screen
  • Press continue
  • Wait for the animated QR code to appear on the screen
  • Scan this using your camera
  • Complete the setup using the password of your old iPhone
  • Data Transfering will start

Enjoy The Most Awaited Dark Theme

Here comes another hidden feature from iPhone 11 tips and tricks. While other companies are convincing with their so-called dark theme, iPhone 11 gives you a premium true black background and white text.

Here is how to activate dark mode on your iPhone 11

  • Go to the control center of your iPhone
  • Press & Hold on to the brightness bar
  • In the bottom left, you will see a new Dark Mode
  • Tap to turn on

What Is This Haptic Touch? Sounds Great!

Apple has eliminated the traditional 3D touch feature and replaced it with Haptic Touch in the new iPhones. This doesn’t bring a huge change but makes rearranging the apps easier. It certainly deserves a palace among the best iPhone 11 tips and tricks.

Switch To Ultra Wide Camera In One Tap

Pictures on the new iPhone look even bigger. Switch from good to greater in just one tap. Ultra Wide Angle camera is perhaps one of the best iPhone 11 tips & tricks. Here is how to unfold this hidden feature.

  • Launch the camera app
  • Tap “0.5” to switch to ultra-wide-angle
  • Press & hold to use the zoom button like ‘1’ or ‘0.5.’

Charge Like A Pro – Flaunt Like A Pro

With bigger battery packs at the back, the new iPhone series is ready to compete with any high-end Android phone unless the smartphone companies start installing generators. One of the most exciting iPhone 11 hidden features is its capped battery capacity. To remove this cap, you can place your iPhone in a cooler place.

Shoot 4K Videos With Rear Camera

Regarded as one of the most secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks, 4K video recording was the most highlighted USP in its advertising campaign. Here is how to channel this on your new iPhone.

  • Launch the camera app
  • Start recording video
  • Switch to 4K from the top-right corner of the screen

Do you know what other iPhone 11 hidden features are? You can make 4K videos with the front camera as well. Just turn towards the front-facing camera, and other features remain the same.

Selfies Are Outdated… Try Slowfie

The iPhone 11 tips and tricks list is too long, and here is another iPhone 11 hidden feature to unfold. With this feature, you can make slo-mo videos using a front camera.

Zoom In To Ultra Wide While Editing

Do you want to see how an image would look if captured in the ultra-wide mode? You need not worry. Regarded as one of the most valuable iPhone 11 tips and tricks, the zoom-in feature lets you see another side of the images captured.

The All-New iPhone 11 Sleep Timer

Do you often fall asleep while using your iPhone, streaming, or listening to your favorite song? Here comes another iPhone 11 hidden feature. Regarded as the most revolutionary iPhone 11 tips and tricks, this all-new sleep timer stops everything you’re watching or listening to on your iPhone. Here is how to use the “iPhone 11 sleep timer” feature.

  • Simply go to the control center
  • Launch to Clock App
  • Set a duration you want your iPhone to sleep
  • Scroll down to choose ‘Stop Playing’
  • Now start the ‘Timer’

iPhone 11 New Magic Trackpad

They can appear and disappear on-demand; that is the reason they are among the top-secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks. Are you habitual of using a trackpad? With the new iPhone 11 hidden features, this wish will come true. The new iPhone 11 magical trackpad can help you. Here is how to unfold this feature.

  • Press & Hold the space bar
  • You will see all the characters on the keyboard disappear
  • Your magical trackpad is ready for use

Check Out The New Keyboard Shortcuts

If someone is staring at your screen and you have to make an urgent text, this comes from the top iPhone 11 tips and tricks. This typing tip is undoubtedly a hidden feature in iPhone 11 that most users are unaware of. Here is how to use keyboard shortcuts on an iPhone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Scroll down to tap Keyboard
  • Go to Text Replacement
  • Tap the ‘+’ sign at the top-right
  • Enter the phrase you want to add when typing a shortcut
  • Now add the shortcut

iPhone Scanning: One Another Level

Do you always want a fast and easy way to scan a document? Here you go. Unlike the previous iPhone, the new iPhone 11 and higher has exciting features. Scanning is also one of the most secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks. Here’s how to unfolded iPhone 11 hidden features.

  • Go to Note App
  • Start a new note
  • Select the camera from the top of your iPhone’s keyboard
  • Tap ‘Scan Document’.
  • Use the shutter or volume buttons at the shutter to scan the document
  • Tap to ‘Save,’ and you’re done

We hope you will be enjoying these iPhone 11 tips and tricks. Continue exploring. There is a lot to check yet.

Schedule Closing Time For Your Browser Tabs

Do you often leave open tabs on your iPhone just because you think they will be helpful, or you may check out later? Well, you are not alone; most people have this weird habit. However, this is not a big problem unless you open 90+ tabs and close them one by one. It is a tedious task. Isn’t it? With the new iPhone 11 hidden features, you can ease it.

Here is how to tame your Safari tabs.

  • Go to Safari’s setting area
  • Schedule your tabs closing duration
  • You can choose from one-day, week, or month

Attention Awareness Build Highest Security

Apple’s devices and their OS are inspirable. iPhones are indeed better than Androids in terms of built-in privacy and security features. With the new Face Unlock feature paired with Attention Awareness, as a cherry on the top, the new iPhones are even more secured. Attention awareness is one of the most valuable iPhone 11 hidden features, which adds extra security features.

Here is how to explore the secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks.

  • Go to settings
  • Face ID and PassCode
  • Under Attention

Check Out Memoji For Contacts

Sometimes when adding a new contact, you might not have a picture of them. So, how to make it unique in this case? You can give them an emoji — Memoji. Since most people don’t know about this hidden feature, it is regarded as one of the top-secret iPhone 11 tips and tricks.

It is fun playing around with these memojis just to find out what your friends look like.

Try 3D Maps

If you wonder how a place or location will look, you can simply go to the maps and switch to 3D maps. Try from satellite and other options available at the top-right corner of the screen.

Finally! Block Unknown Callers

Here are the most awaited iPhone 11 tips and tricks. Since most iPhone users were switching to Android just because the previous iPhones didn’t have a feature to block unknown callers, with the new iPhone 11 hidden features, you can unlock this power.

Here is how to block contacts on iPhone

  • Go to settings
  • Phone
  • Tap “Silence Unknown Callers”

The last iPhone 11 tips and tricks are simple but powerful. We hope you have had fun checking out these amazing iPhone 11 hidden features. If you love it, show your love in the comments below.

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