Future of Indian Telecom & OTT: If Jio Holding The Key

India’s biggest company, Reliance’s Jio, has been rewriting how we consume data and content for quite some time now. On that note, we have two pieces of news for you that will shape the way how we interact with content and telecom. So, let’s start.

Reliance Jio Becomes The Biggest Telecom Operator In The World

India’s biggest telecom services provider, Reliance Jio, has just become the biggest in the world, surpassing China Mobile in terms of mobile data traffic. According to Tefficient, a global analytics firm, Jio handled around 40.9 exabytes of data in the first quarter of 2024, compared to China Mobile’s 38 exabytes. Notably, 1 Exabyte equals 1000 Petabytes of 1 Billion Gigabytes. Jio also has the most 5G users worldwide, with around 108 million users in India using Jio’s 5G services. Moreover, the users of Jio’s new wireless broadband service have also seen a boom in the country, with 5,900 towns already having air fibre connections and a daily average data usage of around 13 GB. 

However, these robust numbers have not translated well in terms of ARPU (Average Revenue Per Person). Despite having the most data traffic in the world, Jio has not yet monetised its 5G services in India, and around 30% of data traffic comes from 5G users. However, this is bound to change soon, and experts believe that new 5G tariffs can come in the later part of 2024 or early 2025. 

JioCinema Launches Super Affordable Plans To Corner Netflix And Prime Videos

India’s most popular on-demand streaming service app, JioCinema, has revised its plans and introduced new plans that provide premium services for Rs. 89 with access to four simultaneous screens. Moreover, you can also opt for a single-screen access plan for a mere Rs. 29. The best part is that, besides the number of simultaneous screen access, all the other services are the same. Users can watch content in 4k and download it in both plans. As far as the IPL is concerned, normal and premium, both users can watch the IPL for free but also have to watch the ads between the overs and breaks. 
Last year, JioCinema released a yearly tariff of Rs. 999, but you cannot buy it now. Moreover, Viacomm18, JioCinema’s parent company, recently announced a merger between Disney India and Jio. Together, the joint venture is expected to control around 85% of the OTT market in India.

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