Kaushika Madhavan: Implementing Large Scale Transformation in Consulting 

The consulting industry is undergoing a significant transformation marked by the pervasive influence of digital technologies, remote work dynamics, and a heightened focus on sustainability and diversity. Consulting leaders are at the forefront of this evolution, spearheading initiatives to integrate advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and agile methodologies into their practices. They are adapting to the rise of remote work by embracing digital collaboration tools and redefining client engagements in a virtual landscape.  

Consulting leaders are prioritising sustainability and social impact, incorporating environmental considerations into their client solutions. There is a concerted effort to foster diversity and inclusion within consulting firms, recognising the value of varied perspectives. Through these strategic shifts, consulting leaders are not only reshaping their own business models. Still, they are also influencing the broader industry landscape by ensuring a client-centric approach, driving innovation, and investing in continuous learning and development for their teams. Kaushika Madhavan, one of these visionary consulting leaders, stands at the helm of the organisation’s growth trajectory, embodying the principles of balanced leadership in the intricate landscape of consulting services

Kaushika Madhavan is a distinguished professional in the consulting landscape who currently serves as a Partner and Managing Director at Kearney India, based in Mumbai. With over 18 years of combined consulting and industry experience, Kaushika has become a trusted leader in the field, renowned for his expertise in consumer products, retail, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

Kaushika’s journey began with a solid academic foundation. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. His educational background also includes an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering degree from Annamalai University. Before venturing into the world of consulting, Kaushika honed his skills at Larsen & Toubro, showcasing his commitment to professional growth and diverse experience.

Joining Kearney India marked a significant moment in Kaushika’s career. The firm, which has grown significantly over the past two decades, now boasts offices in Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, employing around 250 professionals. Kearney India has solidified its position as a leading advisory firm, offering strategic insights to major players within India and globally, spanning various industries.

Kaushika’s impact at Kearney India has been profound. His expertise lies in facilitating breakthrough transformations for clients, leading to tangible value through initiatives such as profitability improvement, cost reduction, and service-level enhancement. His ability to envision and implement processes, organisational changes, and capability enhancements has been instrumental in driving rapid scale-up for numerous organisations.

Throughout his career, Kaushika has been an active contributor to the knowledge and discourse in his field. He has authored multiple articles on crucial topics such as supply chain management, sales distribution, and manufacturing. His thought leadership extends beyond the written word, as he is a regular speaker at industry forums, sharing insights and contributing to the collective knowledge of the consulting and business community.

In summary, Kaushika Madhavan’s journey from his foundational years in education through his tenure at Larsen & Toubro to his current role as a Partner and Managing Director at Kearney India exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of growth. His impact on the consulting landscape, particularly in the areas of consumer products, retail, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, showcases not only his individual accomplishments but also the success of Kearney India as a trusted adviser to global industry leaders.

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