Leader vs Boss: Differences Will Make Or Break Your Company

Boss and Leader are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. In the simplest words ━ a boss is one who manages their employees while a leader motivates them to reach their goals. For a detailed understanding, read leader vs boss. 

What is a boss and leader?

The difference between a boss and a leader has nothing to do with the position. This is all about perceptions and mindsets. Many bosses are not leaders, and a few leaders perform their job without title authority. Boss is all about the position, but leadership is about motivation, influence and encouragement. 

Bosses are always in their role. Their position gives them power and authority to make decisions. They often direct and supervise their employees and juniors. 

Leaders, alongside, create paths for their team. They stand with their team, motivate them to work and inspire them to achieve their goals. They provide support to learn and develop new skills rather than just focusing on results. 

The good thing is you can be both ━ a boss and a leader. If you focus on leadership skills, a boss can be a leader too. 

Leader vs boss: let’s check out the key difference between both. 

The key difference between a leader vs boss

These simple traits keep them apart. Read out these differences and figure out whether your boss is a boss or a leader

A boss speaks, a leader listens

A boss is always bossy. They always speak and make decisions. A leader, on the other hand, is a good listener. A boss might have an attitude and never listen to their employees, but a good leader is always open to listening to their team. They give them a chance to speak and think over their ideas and plans. This is one of the characteristics of a leader vs boss.  

A boss hears, a leader transforms

You might be lucky enough if your boss listens to you. The ability to listen makes a person a strong leader and might be your boss also. It is one of the characteristics of a leader vs boss. A leader always wants to see the organization’s growth. They just not only listen but also give them solutions and positivity. This is counted among the characteristics of leaders. 

A boss dictates, a leader inspires 

Have you ever had a project manager? They always control all information and keep telling you what you need to do. This is typical bossy behaviour: they dictate more than they discuss. Their position comes before their responsibilities and team growth. It is the boss’s trait but isn’t leadership. This is one of the differences between a leader vs boss. 

A boss looks for profits, a leader wants success

There is a huge difference between profits and success. A boss puts profit over success, they are more interested in the process than a successfully accomplished project. If you only focus on profits, you will be able to do creative things, build a successful team and make your name in the industry. A good leader will focus on training the employees in the right way rather than making profits. 

A boss dominates, a leader collaborates

Leader vs boss = domination vs collaboration. If your team leader or manager dominates you, that means they are not a good leader and trying to be your boss. A true leader collaborates with their team, discusses with the team, makes plans together and executes them. Boss motto is always to rule their employees. A leader always thinks about long-term success.  

In this leader vs boss discussion, you might understand one thing: both roles are different and their responsibilities as well. If they understand their role, they will also understand their responsibilities. 

Leader vs boss responsibilities

Responsibilities of leader 

  • Team development 
  • Creating plans
  • Plans execution
  • Delivering successful projects 
  • Business growth
  • Inspiring team

Responsibilities of boss

  • Creating goals
  • Making plans
  • Delegating 
  • Developing strategies

Both terms are different, positions are different, and their roles & responsibilities are also different. The only difference is the Boss relies on themselves, and the leader relies on their team. Leaders can actually do something for their employees and the boss, letting them think for themselves.

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