Tarun Badola

Engineering Excellence in the Era of Automation

Tarun Badola

Astt General Manager/ Division Head -Quality Assurance,

Honda India Power Products

The hum of machines has replaced the clatter of manual tasks. Today, automation stands as the silent revolution, reshaping the very fabric of industries. However, the challenges and opportunities are as vast as the technological advancements themselves. Over the past decade, the rapid surge in automation technology has revolutionised manufacturing, leaving no room for complacency. Industries have faced the dual challenge of adapting to cutting-edge automation while ensuring seamless integration into existing processes.
Amidst this transformative landscape, Tarun Badola has emerged as an expert, leading the charge at Honda India Power Products. With a career spanning more than two decades, Tarun has witnessed the profound impact of automation on production engineering. His journey is a testament to adaptability, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Tarun’s philosophy with respect to automation is ‘simply following new ways to handle old tasks’, ‘fresh approach to new problems’, ‘think independently, argue open mindedly’, and ‘value the intense pursuit of truth & excellence’.
At the core of Honda India Power Products, Tarun not only embraces automation but also understands its intricacies in depth. He recognises that the true potential of automation lies not just in technological advancement but in its strategic implementation. Tarun’s role goes beyond managing automated processes; he envisions a future where human expertise harmonises seamlessly with the precision of technology.
Tarun, with his profound understanding of automation challenges and his innovative approach, is not merely a division head at Honda India Power Products; he is a visionary leader shaping the future of manufacturing. His strategic brilliance and technical acumen have become instrumental in optimising productivity, minimising costs, and fostering efficiency within Honda India Power Products. As industries navigate the complexities of automation, Tarun stands as a guiding force, leading the way towards a future where innovation knows no bounds.
TradeFlock interviewed Tarun to grab some insights on his journey, challenges, strategies and more. 

Kindly briefly describe your current role and how it has evolved over the past two decades.

I currently oversee the Quality Assurance division at Honda India Power Products, ensuring the fulfillment of global customer expectations. Over the past two decades, I have gained extensive experience in core manufacturing and have honed strong leadership skills. My role has evolved to include a focus on academic research and professional expertise in the field of Quality Management. I consistently update my academic knowledge through practical experience, aligning my skills with industry demands.

Please share some key milestones and achievements from your career.

Reflecting on my career journey, I take pride in overcoming initial challenges and embracing continuous learning. I have navigated diverse fields, transitioning from civil to software, and from manufacturing management to leadership in quality management. This evolution signifies my adaptability and expertise, enabling me to integrate newfound knowledge with the latest technologies and changing business landscapes. Each step has been a milestone, showcasing my ability to excel in various domains and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and integrate them into your practices?

I maintain vigilance over emerging trends while reassessing our current practices. With technology advancing rapidly, it’s imperative to anticipate future needs, particularly in the mid-term. We continuously monitor the latest technological trends and thoroughly examine our existing processes, identifying opportunities to integrate technological advancements. This proactive approach ensures we stay ahead of the curve, integrating cutting-edge innovations seamlessly into our practices for sustained growth and efficiency.

Can you please share your biggest learnings and how they’ve contributed to your success?

My most significant learning has been the importance of maintaining workplace efficiency and motivation. In today’s dynamic work environment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement is crucial. Regular communication with process owners and translating their challenges into opportunities not only strengthens their skills but also enhances the synergy between human expertise and technology. This approach has been instrumental in contributing to my success, fostering collaboration, and driving positive outcomes in the workplace.
















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