Leaders from Automation in India 2023

Leaders from Automation in India 2023
Leaders from Automation in India 2023


The horizons of automation are rapidly evolving. The pace of it can make it challenging to keep up with current developments, understand the challenges that others are encountering and anticipate what lies ahead. One effective method to stay informed about the world of automation is to look for insights and learn from experiences and visions shared by leaders and experts in the industry. Here’s our exclusive edition – “Leaders from Automation in India 2023”, featuring India’s notable leaders and influencers in the automation industry. Get delve into our conversations with India’s Torchbearers on India’s automation path and learn from their inspiring journeys.

Menrva Technologies

Anand V Bhat

Chairman & Managing Director

BNB Security & Automation

Under the leadership of Anand, BNB Security and Automation Solutions achieved excellence. The company received appreciation for its projects from Dell, Infineon India, Makino India, Bosch, and SLK Software, along with many awards.

AUK Computing

Anup Muthedath Babu

Senior Director - Digital Automation


Anup has driven innovation, optimised processes, made effective data-driven decisions, and promoted agility in various organisations, including IBM, Candela Labs, Unacademy, Genpact, and Virtusa, accelerating broader digital transformation across various sectors.

Chropynska India

Chandrima Ganguly

Enterprise Architect

NTT Data

A seasoned professional in the field of enterprise architecture, Chandrima stands at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she is dedicated to redefining the way businesses operate in the digital age.

Senior Director

Laokik Chheda

Associate Director- Robotics and Cognitive Process Automation

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

Machine Learning has been a cornerstone of his approach to digital transformation. Leveraging ML algorithms, the Associate Director, Deloitte has enabled organisations to extract valuable insights from data, driving informed decision-making and predictive analytics.

Regional Sales Director

Manjul Agarwal

Chief Financial Officer

Bonzai – The Creative Management Platform

Manjul Agarwal, the Chief financial officer at Bonzai – The Creative Management Platform, embodies the essence of a CFO who not only comprehends but fully embraces the potential of automation and AI.

Energy & Utilities,

Ramnath S Mani

Managing Director Automation Excellence

BASE Automation

Ramnath is known as a serial entrepreneur, and his role was more than significant in establishing many ventures that are now the leading automation companies in India. Ramnath was part of many collaborations of Indian ventures with leading automation organisations from the USA and the UK.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Tarun Badola

Astt General Manager/ Division Head -Quality Assurance

Honda India Power Products

Tarun, with his profound understanding of automation challenges and his innovative approach, is a division head at Honda India Power Products and a visionary leader shaping the future of manufacturing.

Amzur Technologies

Vinayak Kharche

Head Of Information Systems and Automation

Adani Petrochemicals (AEL)

Vinayak brings a unique blend of traditional engineering acumen and cutting-edge digital expertise to the table. He understands the significance of the role automation can play in transforming the future of industries.
















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