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Rucchi Awasthi


Navvyasa Consulting

Passion, when wielded with unyielding determination, holds the transformative power to steer industries and redefine norms. Rucchi Awasthi, the driving force behind Navvyasa Consulting Private Limited, embodies this fervour in her quest to reshape the HR landscape. With a robust background spanning over 25 years in diverse HR roles across industries, Rucchi’s evolution from an accomplished HR professional to a visionary entrepreneur was propelled by an unwavering commitment to revolutionize human resources.
Her leap into entrepreneurship wasn’t a mere transition; it was a bold venture demanding resilience and an unwavering dedication to pioneering innovative HR solutions. Rucchi’s leadership personifies a visionary spirit, inspiring her team to embrace progressive approaches and shatter the confines of tradition. Armed with certifications in HR, coaching, rewards, leadership, and an ardent advocacy for diversity and inclusion as a certified POSH trainer, Rucchi established Navvyasa Consulting. Here, she doesn’t just lead; she cultivates a culture of collaboration and creativity, empowering her team to explore uncharted territories in HR practices.
Her professional odyssey, marked by pivotal roles at industry titans like ZIGRAM, Shipsy, KFC, Ola, Xceedance, and Schneider Electric, and a growth trajectory from talent acquisition to HR business partner, epitomises her adaptability and profound expertise. For Rucchi, her mission surpasses mere entrepreneurship; it’s a crusade to redefine HR standards, beckoning others to join her in reshaping the very essence of work.
TradeFlock interacted with Rucchi to learn about her journey and methods that make her a step ahead of others in the industry. 

What key skills do you believe leaders need to excel in today's business landscape, from an executive coaching perspective?

In the swiftly evolving business terrain, adept leaders exhibit a spectrum of skills. They master adaptability, swiftly navigating changes and unforeseen obstacles while fostering transparent communication. Emotional stability and resilience are pivotal in instilling confidence in turbulent times. Empathy is their tool for building relationships and nurturing collaboration through diverse perspectives. Encouraging a growth mindset cultivates innovation and progress. Decisiveness and strategic acumen guide informed decisions amidst operational complexities. Integrity and character set the ethical compass, fostering loyalty and dedication. Empowering teams creates a culture where every member contributes meaningfully. These multifaceted traits forge effective leadership, steering teams through challenges while inspiring continual growth and collective success.

What upcoming HR trends do you anticipate will shape the industry, and how does your firm plan to adapt to these changes?

In the imminent HR landscape, pivotal trends like remote work, diversity and inclusion, and AI-driven HR tech are poised to redefine the industry. At Navvyasa Consulting, our commitment lies in not just embracing but spearheading these transformations. We envisage remote HR solutions to adapt seamlessly to the evolving work dynamics, fostering an inclusive environment regardless of physical boundaries. Advocating for diversity and inclusion programmes stands as a cornerstone of our approach. We aim to amplify initiatives that champion diverse talents, ensuring equitable opportunities and a richly inclusive workplace culture. Embracing AI in our processes, we’re geared towards datadriven decision-making, enhancing efficiency and precision. Our firm’s proactive stance, reflected in our agility and dedication to innovation, will solidify our position as leaders in the HR domain. We’re not just adapting; we’re pioneering these trends, setting the bar for industry standards, and affirming our commitment to fostering progressive HR practices.

How do you measure coaching programme success and its impact on individuals and organisations?

Measuring coaching success relies on boosting leadership, team cohesion, and business outcomes. Using diverse metrics— leadership assessments, employee feedback, and key performance indicators—we track individual growth, team dynamics, and organisational performance. Assessments benchmark skill improvements, while feedback gauges engagement and collaboration impact. Aligning coaching with key indicators directly ties interventions to business outcomes. Success surpasses numbers, as seen in tangible progress and transformative impacts on individuals and organisations. The ultimate triumph of our coaching programmes emerges from significant strides in their developmental journey and the meaningful transformation within the organisational ecosystem they inhabit.

Share your most rewarding experiences as an executive coach and how they've contributed to your professional growth.

The most rewarding experiences as an executive coach often stem from witnessing a team or leader’s journey through adversity, witnessing their triumphs, and contributing to their growth. These moments stand as some of life’s most gratifying rewards. They reinforce my belief in the transformative power of coaching, not just in professional domains but also in personal growth. These experiences serve as a catalyst for my professional development. They compel me to continually enhance my coaching abilities, seeking ways to deepen my impact on individuals and businesses. Each instance of seeing someone overcome challenges and achieve their goals reaffirms the profound influence coaching can wield, driving me to expand my skills and knowledge to make an even greater difference in the lives of more people and organisations.

Which fictional character would you pick as your mentor, and why?

Swami from “Swami and Friends” by R.K. Narayan would be my fictional mentor of choice. His relatable struggles with identity, resilience in adversity, and adeptness in navigating complex situations in British India resonate deeply. Swami embodies openness to new experiences, adaptability, and a hunger for learning. In the dynamic fields of human resources and entrepreneurship, his teachings on resilience, cultural awareness, and embracing change would be invaluable, making him an inspiring guide.
















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