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Vikram Madan

Co-founder & Director,

Total Green Solutions

Vikram Madan’s journey in the power sector commenced with his pursuit of an MBA programme from UPES, Dehradun, in 2007, laying the foundation for his remarkable career. His foray into the renewable energy sector began in 2012 when he joined CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory, wherein he got the opportunity to immerse himself in related assignments, working collaboratively across stakeholders and the value chain, thus gaining a profound understanding of the sector. Distinguished by his dedication and expertise, Vikram swiftly earned the title of Associate Director, and his remarkable journey continued as he assumed the role of Business Development Lead at ReNew, spearheading the sale of renewable energy to corporate clients across India. Reflecting on these formative years, Vikram fondly recalls, “Those few years of relentless effort were pivotal, serving as the catalyst for honing my skills and becoming a stalwart in the corporate renewable energy landscape.”
Vikram’s unparalleled experience in facilitating the early-stage adoption of renewable energy by corporations left an indelible mark. This, in turn, inspired him to co-found Total Green Solutions following a fruitful two-year stint at Cleantech Solar as Director of Business Development. Their mission is clear: to provide consulting services to corporate clients, accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, and guide them towards achieving 100% renewable energy consumption. In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Vikram delves deeper into his extraordinary journey as a renewable energy expert, shedding light on his commitment to driving the green energy revolution forward. 

How do you provide RE100, net zero, and decarbonisation-related consulting through Total Green Solutions?

At Total Green Solutions, our consulting approach is thorough, client-focused, and multifaceted. We initiate our process by conducting a detailed needs analysis, diving deep into our clients’ energy requirements and sustainability goals. This analysis forms the basis for crafting tailor-made green energy strategies, optimising energy efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions effectively. Our commitment extends beyond strategy development. We provide handson implementation support, guiding clients through each step to ensure the successful adoption of green energy solutions. In addition to traditional consulting, we offer a comprehensive advisory package covering technical, commercial, regulatory, policy, financial, contractual, and risk-related aspects. This comprehensive support ensures our clients navigate the complexities of adopting green energy solutions with confidence. We not only advise but also provide practical solutions. Our on-site solar solutions enable a seamless transition to solar energy, and as registered traders for I-RECs, we facilitate the direct purchase of green certificates, certifying the renewable origin of energy consumed. Moreover, we actively engage in carbon credit trading and offer various decarbonisation solutions, aligning with the global push for carbon reduction. Our commitment transcends conventional consulting roles; we strive to be strategic partners in our clients’ journey towards net-zero emissions and sustainable energy practices. With our diverse services and holistic approach, we position ourselves as leaders in the green energy consulting arena, making a significant impact on our clients’ sustainability initiatives.

How do you ensure your consulting strategies remain relevant and effective in a rapidly changing business environment?

Our consulting strategies stay pertinent and effective in the ever-changing business landscape through a proactive approach. Continuous learning and research are core to our methods, involving vigilant monitoring of trends, technologies, regulations, and policies. We engage in industry events, collaborate with experts, and maintain close ties with stakeholders to stay ahead. Client collaboration is key; we tailor strategies to unique needs and adapt them through regular interactions. Strategic partnerships with green energy experts enhance our offerings. Data-driven decision-making and regular benchmarking against industry standards ensure our strategies are cutting-edge and aligned with the highest benchmarks. Our agility and commitment to improvement make us leaders in sustainable consulting, delivering enduring benefits to our clients.

What methodologies or frameworks do you often employ when approaching clients’ decarbonisation-related projects?

At Total Green Solutions, we start by deeply understanding our clients’ energy requirements and sustainability goals through a thorough client engagement and needs assessment. We identify customised pathways, such as achieving 100% renewable energy or net-zero emissions, ensuring our solutions align precisely with their objectives. Our data-driven approach involves rigorous analysis, enabling us to provide detailed cost-benefit analyses and financial models. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions, evaluating the financial implications against the expected environmental and operational benefits. Additionally, our comprehensive risk assessments and up-to-date insights into the regulatory and policy landscape guarantee low-risk, compliant strategies. Based on our meticulous analysis, we offer specific recommendations, guiding clients towards the most suitable solutions. We assist in securing technological and commercial proposals, providing a clear roadmap for implementation. Throughout the process, our dedicated support ensures a seamless journey from consultation to the successful adoption of sustainable energy practices.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to become a successful leader in the consulting industry?

To become a successful leader in the consulting industry, prioritise your clients above all else. Take the time to deeply understand their challenges, goals, and expectations, and then craft tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. Uphold the highest ethical standards in all your interactions, as trust is the foundation of consulting relationships. Foster strong, longterm connections with your clients, going beyond immediate projects to become their trusted advisor over time. Remember that this journey requires dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to excellence. Cultivate effective communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, and develop a structured problem-solving approach. Stay adaptable, embrace change, and build a robust professional network. Seek mentorship from experienced professionals and maintain a long-term perspective, focusing on delivering value and fostering client loyalty through your expertise and integrity.
















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