Leaders From Consulting Services in India 2024

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The consulting talent in India has become more diverse and varied, including professionals with backgrounds in engineering, data science, design thinking, and other fields. This diverse range of skills has enabled consulting firms to provide comprehensive solutions beyond traditional boundaries and drive overall transformation across organisations. The advent of digitalisation further revolutionised the consulting landscape, taking it into an era of data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and agile methodologies. Indian consulting firms swiftly adapted to these advancements, leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms to deliver more efficient and impactful solutions to their clients, thanks to their visionary leadership. In its new issue – Leaders from Consulting Services in India 2024, TradeFlock celebrates the journey of inspiring and visionary leaders from India’s consulting landscape who drove the transformation in the industry. In addition, the edition brought some exciting stories, leadership lessons, insights, reports and much more.

Menrva Technologies

Ajay Vij

Managing Director

Accenture India

Ajay is among the most talented leaders in Accenture India who contributed to the company’s growth and led various teams. He joined the company in 2006 and held multiple roles, including talent-led growth and key priorities.

Amzur Technologies

Vikram Madan

Co-founder & Director

Total Green Solutions

Vikram’s unparalleled experience in facilitating the early-stage adoption of renewable energy by corporations left an indelible mark. This inspired him to co-found Total Green Solutions following a fruitful two-year stint at Cleantech Solar. 

Chropynska India

Janmejaya Sinha


BCG (India)

Janmejaya’s journey within the corporate world has been a testament to his leadership philosophy. His role as the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific region at BCG from 2009 to 2018 showcased his prowess in leading across diverse regions. 

Senior Director

Jiten Chopra

Chief Operating Officer

KPMG (India)

Boasting over 28 years of comprehensive experience, Jiten’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and an astute understanding of assurance, risk and compliance, and corporate governance.

Regional Sales Director

Kaushika Madhavan

Managing Partner & Country Head

Kearney India

With over 18 years of combined consulting and industry experience, Kaushika has become a trusted leader in the field, renowned for his expertise in consumer products, retail, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

Energy & Utilities,

Pratik-Singh (1)
Pratik Singh

Vice President


Since April 2015, Pratik has held the role of Vice President at Tecnova, showcasing his commitment to driving organisational success. Additionally, his directorial roles at Teconnex Ltd. and Trustin Tape Pvt. Ltd. highlight his versatility in navigating diverse sectors.

Co-Founder &

Ravikant Parvataneni

Chief Executive Officer

Argon & Co.

Armed with 28 years of industry experience, Ravikant is a visionary leader who confronts and unravels the complexities embedded in conventional warehousing. His visionary strategy materialised in the form of India’s largest multi-category distribution centre.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Rucchi Awasthi


Navvyasa Consulting

With a robust background spanning over 25 years in diverse HR roles across industries, Rucchi’s evolution from an accomplished HR professional to a visionary entrepreneur was propelled by an unwavering commitment to revolutionise human resources.