Leaders from Drone & Robotics in India 2023: Heroes Of Future Technology 

The utilisation of drones and robots for the inspection of machines is growing at a decent speed. In addition, these sophisticated machines are improving the safety and efficiency of construction, agriculture, and delivery. These factors have encouraged tech innovators to shift their focus toward the drone and robotics industry. 

Today the world is witnessing an increasing number of companies dedicated to drones & robotics. India has seen a 34.4% growth in the number of drone startups between August 2021 to February 2022, with a total of 221. In addition, the drone market in India was valued at $130.4 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $ 4,918.9 million by 2030 with a CAGR of 44.4%. While robotics market in India is expected to reach $711.10m in 2023. 

Since drones and robotics are emerging industries in India, the role of leadership in these sectors has become critical. On its expedition to identify the top leaders from drone & robotics in India in 2023, Tradeflock interviewed and spoke to top executives and professionals from these industries to determine which traits make top leaders from drone and robotics. 

They are Individuals with High Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence is a critical trait of top leaders from drone and robotics in India 2023 which they use to determine and solve their team’s problems. In addition, emotional intelligence is an excellent parameter to check the effectiveness of leadership. TradeFlock values drone and robotics leaders with high emotional intelligence and considers it vital as a standard to evaluate them. 

They Have an Eye for Determining Errors and Inconsistencies

Since sophisticated technologies and innovations are integral to the robotics and drone industry, inspiring leaders from this segment possess the ability to recognise errors and inconsistencies in processes quickly and provide suggestions to fix them. During its journey to find the best leaders from drone and robotics in India in 2023, TradeFlock picks leaders based on their proficiency to recognise errors and inconsistencies. 

They Continually Make Engineering Decisions  

The development of drones and robotics requires consistently evolving engineering works. Inspiring leaders from drone and robotics inject more data and insights into their engineering operations to make data-driven decisions. TradeFlock creates its list of the best drone and robotics leaders in India 2023 on the basis of their willingness to make decisions related to engineering on a regular basis. 

They Emphasise the Value of Electronics 

A robot or a sophisticated machine like a drone can’t be developed without the equivalent contribution of computer science, mechanical engineering and electronics. Since the nervous system of a robot is powered by electronics, top leaders from drone and robotics in India understand the value of electronics and ensure their organisations have the best talent from the electronics field.  

They Have Sound Knowledge of Mechanical Design 

The efficiency of a drone or robot’s ability to move depends on its mechanical design. Since machine design is the expansion of mechanical engineering, the best leaders from drone and robotics have a profound knowledge of mechanical design (robot design), and they make sure the robot designers in their respective organisations focus on motors and gears to enable the desired motion in their robots.  

They Create A Balance Between the Confidence and Humility 

Confidence and humility are some of the most misunderstood words. When it comes to leadership, humility doesn’t mean inability or lack of self-confidence. Inspiring leaders from drone and robotics in India understand that confidence is the belief someone has in himself and humility is about knowing when you fall short and need help. Therefore, they do their best to create a balance between confidence and humility. 

They have the Courage to Face the Unknown 

India’s top drone and robotics leaders are courageous enough to face unknown challenges. They are visionaries who don’t hesitate to go beyond their comfort zone and change the world with creative solutions. Best drone and robotics leaders speed up the progress of their teams down the innovation path by breaking the organisational barriers and providing the right resources.  

Above mentioned traits and attributes collectively make the best leaders from drone and robotics in India 2023. TradeFlock assesses them on the ground of these characteristics and gives them the recognition they deserve.

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