Jasmohan Singh

Setting Unparalleled Standards in Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing

Jasmohan Singh

Managing Director,

Frick India Limited

I n industrial excellence, Frick India Limited has emerged as a stalwart, setting unparalleled standards in the manufacturing of industrial refrigeration equipment and as a turnkey solution provider since 1986. At the helm of this distinguished enterprise stands Jasmohan Singh, Managing Director, whose professional journey fosters innovation and quality in the company. Jasmohan brings with him a wealth of expertise, having been an integral part of Frick India Limited. Armed with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from the esteemed Worcester Polytechnic Institute, his technical acumen is the driving force behind Frick India’s continued success. Frick India has solidified its global presence over the last 60 years by delivering highquality products, innovative designs, and modern manufacturing techniques. The company’s manufacturing prowess is embodied by its state-of-the-art facility located in Delhi-NCR. This facility, coupled with inhouse research and development, machining, quality assurance, and automation capabilities, ensures the production of energyefficient and reliable industrial refrigeration equipment. Frick India crafts solutions for applications in diverse sectors spanning dairy, seafood, meat, food processing, chemicals, and beverages, both in India and across 50 other countries worldwide. Join us as we delve deeper into the remarkable journey of Frick India shedding light on the strategic brilliance that has positioned Frick India Limited as a paragon of professionalism and quality in the industrial refrigeration sector.

How do you keep your engineering team updated on the latest tools and technologies in industrial refrigeration?

At Frick India, we stand on the pillars of innovation and quality. Our research and development team is the heartbeat of our commitment to excellence, continuously exploring advanced technologies and ideas. Our team works closely with global design centres to meticulously enhance our industrial refrigeration systems, with a special emphasis on optimising compressor efficiency. Our in-house R&D experiences, validated by esteemed international certifications, ensure our engineers are at the forefront of industry trends. This dedication enables us to offer a comprehensive range of high-performance products, including compressors, condensers, chillers, pressure vessels, air cooling units, IQF, pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, process gas systems, and vapour absorption systems. These solutions, finely tuned to meet specific client requirements, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction.

How do you tailor your leadership approach to diverse team personalities and work styles?

At Frick India, effective leadership is not a onesize-fits-all approach; it’s a tailored strategy that embraces the unique personalities and work styles within our team. We understand that successful communication, motivation, and empowerment are essential for our team’s performance. Recognising the diversity in our workforce, we adapt our leadership style based on individual dynamics, skills, and goals. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident through our training department. We invest in upgrading the skills of our employees and our customers’ workforce through comprehensive training sessions, ensuring their competence in the dynamic market landscape. Moreover, we prioritise open communication channels. We provide a platform for our team members to share their feedback directly with management. This transparency not only fosters a culture of trust but also empowers our employees, creating an environment where their voices are heard and valued. This adaptive and inclusive approach to leadership enables us to nurture a motivated and high-performing team, driving our collective success in the industry.

How do you facilitate effective communication between your technical and non-technical departments in industrial refrigeration?

Innovation is at our core, driven by our customers’ needs. We prioritise compact and reliable machinery and services based on their requirements. By providing our engineers with optimal platforms, we empower them to thrive, creating sustainable solutions aligned with societal needs. Our innovation not only reduces food and resource waste but also contributes significantly to food security and the country’s annual income. By channelling our efforts towards customer-driven ingenuity, we not only stay competitive but also play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future.

What advice do you have for young engineers aspiring for leadership positions?

My advice to young engineering professionals aspiring for leadership roles is simple yet profound: never cease learning. In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, continuous learning equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. At Frick India, this principle stands as a guiding light for all our members. Embrace every opportunity to expand your skills and adopt new techniques, for it is through this dedication to learning that you pave the way for your own success and the advancement of the industry as a whole.

What's your vision for growth, personally and for the organisation?

As a leader in a burgeoning BNPL company, I envision a growth trajectory characterised by technological innovation and market expansion. Our mission is centered on pioneering an AI-driven BNPL platform, leveraging technology to propel innovation. Our strategy entails deep market penetration, product diversification, and global expansion, solidifying our position as industry leaders.
Both personally and organizationally, I prioritise leveraging AI to drive innovation, expand our market presence, and foster strategic partnerships. Improving customer experiences through personalisation and continuous learning initiatives is paramount. By maintaining agility, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach, we aim to unlock new growth avenues and strengthen our leadership in the BNPL sector.