Leaders from Engineering Services in India 2023



Exemplary leadership is the key to a company’s success. Research from Zippia shows that 69% of employees are motivated to work harder when they feel valued by their leaders. Additionally, a lack of leadership is cited as the reason for 79% of resignations. Employee turnover, a widespread concern, is exceptionally high in organisations dealing with engineering services compared to other industries. In tech and media, the turnover rate stands at 12.9%, exceeding the average of 10.6%. 

Influential leaders in engineering services inspire their teams and the new line of leaders and possess technical expertise, a holistic understanding of various disciplines, strong communication skills, and emotional intelligence. They grasp the broader strategy and establish ambitious goals while supporting their team through regular check-ins, feedback, and accountability measures, driving their organisations to sustainable growth. In its newest issue- Leaders from Engineering Services in India 2023, TradeFlock celebrates the remarkable achievements and journey of India’s top and most inspiring leaders in engineering services and delves into their visionary and extraordinary minds to extract valuable insights, leadership lessons and what makes them stand apart from the rest. Additionally, the edition includes some existing features of human interest, sports, history, legacy and current affairs. Join us in honouring the impact wizards from engineering services. 

Amzur Technologies

V L Pandey

Managing Director

VAMA Engineers and Services Pvt Ltd

VL Pandey’s trajectory epitomises a self-made leader driven by an unstoppable spirit and a relentless quest for knowledge. He soared to remarkable professional heights from modest beginnings spanning over three decades. Nurtured in an environment that encouraged curiosity and hard work, Pandey’s natural inclination towards machinery and technology emerged early, shaping his journey to success.

Menrva Technologies

Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta

CEO and Director

DIN Engineering Services

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over two decades, Anuj’s journey epitomises a perfect blend of visionary foresight, operational excellence, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. His association with DIN Engineering Services underscores a profound understanding of the company’s evolution and growth trajectory.

AUK Computing

Ashish Gaikwad

Managing Director

Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

Ashish Gaikwad embodies relentless dedication and visionary leadership as a key figure at Honeywell Automation India Limited (HAIL). Over nearly two decades with Honeywell, he’s showcased an unwavering commitment to innovation and strategic prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the company’s growth journey.

Chropynska India

Faith Pereira

Head of HR

MatchPoint Solutions

Beginning her career as the Country Level Head at Wurth Elektroniks, Faith embarked on a trajectory demanding trust and leadership despite stepping into uncharted professional territories. Her strengths as an HR leader lie in her technical acumen with cutting-edge tools, strategic talent management, adaptability and collaborative leadership.

Senior Director

Dr. G.M. Gupta

Founder and Managing Director

Global Engineers Limited

Dr. G. M. Gupta is a stalwart whose journey embodies the very essence of visionary leadership and strategic acumen. As the Founder and Managing Director of Global Engineers Limited, Dr Gupta’s mechanical engineering background and an illustrious career trajectory within India’s industrial landscape position him as a luminary in the engineering sphere.

Regional Sales Director

Haridas Padmanabhan

Executive Director

Vulcan Industrial Engineering Co

Haridas embraced diverse roles and challenges throughout his career, demonstrating his adeptness in negotiation, business planning, operations management, renewable energy, and procurement. His tenure at organisations like Fenner India Limited, EMITICI Engg Co. Ltd., and Flender Limited honed his skills, leading him to pivotal positions. 

Director - AI

Jai Prakash Srivastva

Director (E, R&D)


Jai Prakash’s tenure at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is a tale of dedication, innovation, and visionary leadership. Starting as an Engineering Trainee in 1985 at the Insulator Plant, Jagdishpur, he became the Director (Engineering, Research & Development) on BHEL’s Board on August 12, 2022, marking the pinnacle of an extraordinary career journey.

Energy & Utilities,

Jasmohan Singh

Managing Director

Frick India Limited

Jasmohan brings with him a wealth of expertise, having been an integral part of Frick India Limited. Armed with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from the esteemed Worcester Polytechnic Institute, his technical understanding is the driving force behind Frick India’s continued success. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Rajiv Agarwal



Rajiv Agarwal, a strategic leader in petroleum engineering, adeptly steered EIL through global industry shifts. His partnerships and investments expanded infrastructure, fortifying economic stability. He ensured EIL’s resilience by aligning strategies with market changes, fostering adaptability and forward-focused growth.