Arushi Jain

Architecting Growth through Innovative Compliance

Arushi Jain

Director (Corporate Growth & Excellence),

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Known as the pharmacy of the world, India is renowned for its vast capabilities in drug manufacturing and innovation. In the pharmaceutical sector, challenges arise from the dynamic nature of regulatory shifts and the integration of new technologies into an industry steeped in tradition. Leadership demands an intricate balance: ensuring compliance while fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. Moreover, harmonising diverse cross-functional teams adds complexity, necessitating a unifying leadership approach that respects varied perspectives while driving towards common objectives.
Arushi Jain, Director of Corporate Growth & Excellence at Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, embodies these essential leadership qualities. Her extensive expertise spans pivotal areas such as finance, marketing, and process enhancements, providing her with a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Arushi’s leadership style is characterised by open communication, trust, patience, and proactive problem-solving, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes amidst collaboration.
Under her stewardship, Akums has evolved into a cohesive community, thriving amidst challenges and steering the company towards sustained excellence. Arushi stands as an example of visionary leadership, fostering an environment where progress and compassionate leadership converge seamlessly.
TradeFlock interviewed Arushi to understand her professional milestones, strategies, and innovation.

Could you outline the pivotal moments in your journey to becoming Director of Corporate Growth and Excellence? What motivated the creation of Stay Happi Pharmacy?

Starting with a bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi University, I pursued Chartered Accountancy to delve into finance and business. Furthering my education at the School of Ideas (MICA), I specialised in marketing communication, brand, and marketing management.
My journey began as a trainee at Ernst & Young in 2014, where I gained invaluable insights across diverse industries. This experience refined my skills in various domains like process design, logistics, inventory, procurement, HR, finance, and compliance, laying a robust foundation for my subsequent endeavours. In 2018, I ventured into founding StayHappi Pharmacy, driven by a vision to provide quality medicines at affordable prices to people from all walks of life. Following this, I became involved in my family business, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India’s leading CDMO organisation. Here, I contributed my expertise in finance, marketing, and operational excellence, aligning these efforts with the overarching business objectives.
My skill set enables data-informed decisionmaking, optimising resource allocation, and maximising profitability. Moreover, my strategic marketing insights have played a pivotal role in shaping Akums’ brand identity, bolstering our market positioning, and driving substantial growth. The accolades, such as being recognised as the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018 and being included in Entrepreneur India’s “30 under 30” in 2022, spotlight the dedication and collective efforts of our team.

How do you plan to foster growth and excellence at Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals?

At Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, our strategy revolves around a core commitment to innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical sphere. We’re not just about numbers in our medicine lineup; it’s about setting the bar high for the industry, ensuring excellence in every aspect. Our team is at the heart of it all, and nurturing their growth is a top priority we stand firm on.
Diversification and exploring new markets are pivotal to our growth plan. We identify emerging markets, forge strategic partnerships, and delve into high-growth therapeutic segments and dosage forms to expand our reach and achieve new milestones. Technology is our ally, enhancing our manufacturing processes and guiding our decision-making through data-driven insights, amplifying our capabilities in this digital age.
Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA. From our biomass initiative to eco-friendly practices and community-driven initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact. Upholding ethical business standards, delivering beyond customer expectations, and swiftly adapting to market shifts and regulations are embedded in our approach, ensuring our resilience and continued success in this dynamic environment.

How do you manage innovation alongside compliance to enhance growth and excellence in your company?

Balancing innovation and compliance is crucial for our company’s growth and excellence. While innovation drives our relevance and competitiveness, compliance ensures integrity and adherence to industry standards. We foster innovation through a culture that encourages creativity and continuous improvement. Prioritising research and development, we embrace emerging technologies to enhance our products and processes, fostering innovative solutions through diverse perspectives in crossfunctional collaborations. Concurrently, a robust compliance framework is integral. We invest in comprehensive training to ensure team compliance with industry regulations. Regular audits maintain adherence to quality and safety standards, building trust with stakeholders and mitigating risks. Aligning innovation with compliance is equally vital. Our innovation initiatives undergo thorough assessments to meet regulatory requirements, preempting conflicts between creativity and compliance. Our goal is a harmonious environment where innovation and compliance complement each other, driving sustainable growth and ensuring excellence in every operation. This dynamic equilibrium empowers us to navigate industry challenges while consistently delivering value to our customers and stakeholders.