Leaders from Growth & Revenue in India 2023

Leaders from Growth & Revenue in India 2023
Leaders from Growth & Revenue in India 2023


Businesses nowadays need growth leaders who can lead the modern selling models, craft their revenue generation strategies, and ensure sustainable growth. They make decisions to pursue sustainable, inclusive, and profitable growth, which profoundly influences decision-making in all aspects of the business. A McKinsey & Company study revealed that growth and revenue leaders generate 80% more shareholder value than their counterparts over a decade. Apart from benefiting shareholders, growth also draws in talented individuals, encourages innovation, and generates employment opportunities. In its exclusive edition – “Leaders From Growth & Revenue in India 2023”, TradeFlock interviewed India’s most influential growth and revenue leaders, influencing their thoughts and actions towards both short-term and long-term business growth and revenue generation. They adopted a timeless blueprint for growth that seamlessly transitions from mindset to growth pathways and execution. Along with this, the edition encompasses various features on human interests, leadership lessons, inspiring stories, and much more.

Menrva Technologies

Amrita Sirohia

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer


With an extensive career spanning over 19 years in the financial sector, Amrita stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation at the nexus of finance and technology. Her tenure at INDmoney marks a revolutionary shift in financial management. 

AUK Computing

Arushi Jain

Director(Corporate Growth & Excellence)

Akums Drugs& Pharmaceuticals

Aurshi’s extensive expertise spans pivotal areas such as finance, marketing, and process enhancements, providing her with a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Her leadership style fosters an environment where innovation flourishes amidst collaboration. 

Chropynska India

Dharmender Dabral

SVP & Chief Revenue Officer

Reliance Retail

Dharmender Dabral stands as a seasoned leader in digital commerce, boasting a career spanning over two decades marked by prolific achievements and pioneering contributions across various sectors, particularly in e-commerce, retail, and technology business

Senior Director

Imon Mitra

Associate Growth Head


Emerging as a steadfast professional in the growth and revenue space, Imon Mitra stands as a testament to the power of genuine dedication and a broadened perspective. Her understanding of the multifaceted nature of revenue management goes beyond traditional financial acumen.

Regional Sales Director

Kuldeep Palarwal

Vice President - Sales & Marketing (Regional Sales & Growth Head, Delhi - NCR)

Aakash Educational Services Ltd

With unwavering dedication and expertise, Kuldeep has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth and the success of AESL, becoming an invaluable asset to the organisation. Kuldeep’s expertise is multifaceted, spanning an array of pivotal areas within the education industry.

Energy & Utilities,

Shuba Bhaskaran

Sr. Director - Growth, Customer Success & Onboarding


Shuba personifies the essence of a growth and revenue officer. Her profound dedication to the art and science of sales sets her apart, and her journey in the travel management domain began with a deep-rooted desire to illuminate the path for others. 

Head, Asia Pacificers

Vikram Ravi

Sr. Vice President & Head - Growth and Revenue


With 13+ years of professional experience and a demonstrated history of excelling in leadership roles in diverse industries like automotive, health-tech, education, hospitality tech, and fintech, Vikram is a strong leader focused on strategy and leadership. 

Amzur Technologies

Leaders from Growth & Revenue in India 2023
Yogesh Dhumane

Chief Growth Officer


Yogesh is a forward-thinking leader driving the company’s expansion and revenue growth strategies. His responsibilities cover crucial areas such as branding, marketing, PR, sales strategies, customer relations, and devising plans to market and sell client products.