Bimal Desai

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Bimal Desai

Country Head & Director,

SheepMedical India

Some industries need transformative leadership to keep changing people’s lives for the better each day. As a trailblazer renowned for transforming the Life Science and Healthcare industry, Bimal Desai brings decades of experience as a leader in business, innovation, and strategic growth. With a dynamic career spanning industries and geographies, he stands as a beacon of visionary entrepreneurship and strategic acumen.
Bimal’s journey commenced in the IVD industry, delving into monoclonal antibody research targeting pivotal antigens like hepatitis B and pregnancy markers. This immersive research phase honed his analytical finesse and ignited a passion for product management. His transition into product management roles within diagnostics marked the inception of a remarkable trajectory that fused scientific expertise with strategic marketing.
Notably, Bimal’s tenure at Thermo Fisher Scientific witnessed a transcendence of boundaries, steering regional and strategic business development across the Asia Pacific. This phase exposed him to diverse functions and market landscapes, amplifying his adaptability and global perspective. Beyond research and product-centric roles, his focus evolved into commercial and strategic leadership, encompassing market expansion, team management, and brand building.
What sets Bimal apart are his defining traits: an unwavering visionary stance, exceptional business acumen, and a knack for nurturing high-performing teams. His penchant for turning around underperforming businesses and spearheading successful startups underscores his role as a turnaround maestro. A maven in strategic alliances and business expansion, Bimal’s expertise lies in shaping success stories across domains, be they analytical sciences, life sciences, healthcare, or industrial segments. His cross-functional leadership and adaptability across geographies stand testament to his global impact.
As he continues to carve new pathways, shaping industry landscapes and inspiring professionals on their journey to excellence, TradeFlock speaks to him. 

Could you share your journey across diverse industries?

My journey through diverse industries within life sciences has been a mix of intention and opportunity. Starting in diagnostics, I grasped the intricacies of laboratory needs and market dynamics. Transitioning from in vitro IVD to life science and then to healthcare allowed me to lead transformative brand shifts and successful product launches. Every step was aimed not just for new territories but for fresh challenges and comprehensive market strategies. These transitions expanded my industry insights and strengthened my adaptability, enabling me to seamlessly navigate across different sectors within life sciences. It wasn’t just about exploring; it was about being adaptable, embracing change, contributing unique perspectives, and crafting innovative strategies in each new landscape.

Can you walk me through your career journey and the significant milestones that shaped it?

I started my career in prominent Indian IVD companies like Span Diagnostics and Transasia BioMedicals, then moved to Thermo Fisher Scientific in life sciences, managing product launches and complex integrations. This experience propelled me into senior leadership roles, overseeing diverse businesses in India and later in regional roles managing direct and distribution business across Asia Pacific, refining my cross-cultural leadership skills. I significantly grew multimillion-dollar businesses in India and Asia Pacific, delivering high double-digit CAGR. Transitioning to Carl Zeiss during an economic downturn was a challenge. Despite reduced research funding, I revamped the microscopy business by exploring new markets, streamlining operations, and restructuring the organization, positioning it for rapid growth when the market recovered. Later launching two healthcare startups polished my entrepreneurial skills and made me an able negotiator who can work within the available resources and optimize the output without compromising on quality. I gained hands on experience of establishing startups with Span Divergent and then a solid understanding of the dental space while leading the commercial operations and the India business for Straumann group. This enabled me to launch SheepMedical Co. Japan’s Indian subsidiary. I have led the launch of premium and niche Japanese dental aligners in the Indian Orthodontic space. Having built a strong foundation, I am now working on an aggressive investment and expansion plan transforming SheepMedical India as a leading orthodontic company.

How do you describe your leadership style in the life sciences?

My leadership ethos in the life sciences revolves around collaborative working, adaptability and empathy. I believe in a situational approach, tailoring strategies to specific contexts. This flexibility allows effective leadership in diverse scenarios, from product and business launches, business expansions or turnarounds to crisis management and team collaboration. While empathy is pivotal in any leadership style it is even more relevant in the life sciences. Understanding the intricate needs of scientific teams and customers, navigating regulatory complexities, and aligning with stakeholders require an empathetic approach. I prioritise building trust and fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are not only heard but actively encouraged. This promotes a culture of innovation and inclusivity, vital in our field.

What strengths and weaknesses do you identify in your leadership style & what is your focus for the future?

My strengths as a leader lies in my unwavering dedication to excellence. I thrive on cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, urging teams to surpass expectations. However, this pursuit of excellence may create high-pressure environments. Acknowledging this, I actively strive to balance high standards with a supportive and transparent atmosphere that fosters collaboration, creative exploration and learning. Creating a more open, collaborative environment while maintaining our drive for achievement and excellence helps create that tight balance. While driving industry transformation remains a priority, I aim to focus on active coaching and mentorship. This aligns with my dedication to contribute significantly to the talent development, supporting young leaders and startups. My commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth is integral to my long-term vision.

How did your career philosophy influence your approach to challenges and opportunities?

My career journey has been shaped by embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. I’ve always seen challenges not as risks but as stepping stones to success. This philosophy has guided me through various industries and roles, contributing not only to overcoming obstacles but also fostering my professional development. I firmly believe in expanding horizons by exploring diverse functions, geographies, and industries. Working across multiple sectors has allowed me to absorb and adapt best practices, nurturing my growth and adaptability. As a general manager, I advocate for pushing boundaries and embracing challenges as they arise.

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