Ajit Singh

Navigating Challenges and Leading Innovation in Petroleum & Chemicals

Ajit Singh


Absolute Imaging Inc.(India)

The oil and gas, energy, and mining industries have witnessed remarkable strides propelled by technological advancements. One of the most notable shifts has been in exploration and production techniques, an area where technology has revolutionised operations. For Example; In Seismic Acquisition, the introduction of the RT System 2, a groundbreaking wireless technology, not only demonstrates real-time capabilities but also underscores its impact on efficiency, manpower reduction, and enhanced Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices.
At the forefront of these industry transforming changes is Ajit Singh, President of Absolute Imaging Inc. (India), a company whose ultimate goal is to create an absolutely clear seismic image and when your image is clear you can accurately identify energy reserves, which is not only better for the environment but better for business. Ajit Singh’s expertise spans Gas, Petroleum, Safety Management Systems, Petroleum Geology, and Minerals. His impressive credentials, including a M.Sc. Tech in Exploration Geophysics from Banaras Hindu University, underpin his solid foundation in the industry. With an extensive career spanning over 35 years, Ajit’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving innovation and excellence in this dynamic industry.
Ajit’s influence extends to the cost-effective and productive advancements such as perforation & hydraulic fracturing being used in CBM exploration. This innovation has propelled the industry forward, breathing new life into previously untapped reserves and reshaping the energy landscape. Furthermore, from traditional geophones to the seamless integration of nodal systems and Realtime (RT) wireless seismic technology, Ajit has played an important role in propelling seismic acquisition methods into a new era. Trade Flock interviewed Ajit as he continues to reshape the energy and mining sectors for the better. 

Share insights into a pioneering project within Orissa's mining sector. Describe how geological challenges were navigated and client recognition achieved.

Sukinda Valley in Odisha’s Jajpur district hosts nearly 98% of India’s chromite reserves, extracted primarily through open- cast mining since 1950. This element, used extensively in industrial applications like stainless steel production, is a core focus. IMFA (Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd.) produces charge chrome, crucial for stainless steel manufacturing across various sectors. However, the exploration of chromite faced substantial hurdles due to chromic acidinduced cavity formations. Called upon by IMFA management, I offered a solution, leading to a year-long preparation to deploy hydraulic drilling rig and advanced motorised technology. In collaboration with Canadian drilling experts, we successfully introduced this innovative approach for chromite exploration in India, overcoming significant geological complexities. Personally, overseeing the operation, I managed the project on-site. The accomplishment garnered an Appreciation letter from the client, IMFA, acknowledging our achievement.

Looking back on your career, which project or achievement are you most proud of, and why does it hold special significance for you?

When looking back on my career, one project stands out as a source of particular pride and significance. Beginning my professional journey as a wireline geophysicist in a public sector company, I contributed to detailed exploration efforts in fuel energy minerals, base metals, and iron ore. Over a span of 16 years, I focused on digital geophysical logging activities, leading exploration endeavours involving Lignite, Coal, and Coal Bed Methane across different regions in India. Transitioning to the private sector, I embraced cutting-edge exploration technologies employed globally. Between 2006 and 2008, I gained valuable insights through visits to coal mines and oil and gas fields in the US, Australia, China, and later, Indonesia and Malaysia. Among various achievements, the introduction of motorised directional drilling technology for chromite and base metal exploration was notable. Yet, a distinct source of pride lies in the successful implementation of perforating services and Injection fall-off Testing (IFT) services tailored for diverse Coal Bed Methane (CBM) operators. This included the seamless integration of perforating services and stacked tool technology for CBM operations in India, demonstrating our commitment to costeffective and productive solutions. This endeavour holds particular significance as a testament to innovative solutions and effective industry contributions within the energy and mining sector.

How do you stay motivated and inspired to excel in your profession after dedicating more than 35 years to it?

After dedicating over 35 years to my profession, I have found motivation and inspiration through a combination of factors that have guided my journey across State Government, PSU, and Private sectors. Anchoring my drive is a commitment to personal excellence, shaped by a consistent record of academic achievement. The unwavering pursuit of success, fuelled by an aversion to mediocrity, has been a driving force propelling me forward. This journey has been underscored by a strong work ethic, ensuring a steadfast dedication to delivering optimal outcomes in every endeavour. Building and nurturing robust professional relationships has been pivotal, serving as a wellspring of motivation and growth. Additionally, a fervent desire to innovate and surpass competitors has spurred me to consistently explore new avenues and solutions. Above all, a tenacious commitment to follow-through has enabled me to translate aspirations into tangible achievements. This collective tapestry of factors has enabled me to maintain unwavering motivation and contribute meaningfully to the industry, even after an extensive tenure of service.

How do you handle personal setbacks or challenges, and what strategies do you use to bounce back stronger?

When faced with personal setbacks or challenges, I rely on my strengths of assuming responsibility, maintaining a positive attitude, and discerning between types of criticism. My strategies involve accepting uncontrollable situations, devising action plans, committing to diligent work while prioritizing self-care, and allowing time for rejuvenation. These approaches enable me to overcome challenges effectively, fostering resilience and growth.
















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