Alexy George

The Master of Liquid Gold

Alexy George

Managing Director,

ADDINOL Lube Oil India Pvt

Within the petroleum industry, the sands of change constantly shift. Adaptability and flexibility have become the pillars of survival. And for Alexy George, the Managing Director of Addinol Lube Oil India, innovation and dedication are two other pillars that make the foundation unshakable. A man of unparalleled selfmotivation, a fearless risk-taker, and a firm believer in the power of self-belief, hard work, and disciplined dedication, Alexy has carved his niche in this dynamic sector.
Alexy stands out as a paragon of adaptability and flexibility. His journey through the petroleum industry, particularly in the lubricating oil sector, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to progress. The last few decades have seen this industry traverse tumultuous waters, with market trends oscillating from their lowest to their highest points. Yet, amidst this volatility, Alexy found his calling in the form of ADDINOL. His career trajectory serves as a remarkable case study of strategic timing and foresight.
In the not-so-distant past, conventional mineral oils reigned supreme, and a one-sizefits-all approach prevailed, irrespective of specifications and classifications. Lubricants, it seemed, were simply for lubrication, and the prevailing mindset was that anything would suffice. Cost-consciousness overshadowed considerations like extended oil life, cleanliness, temperature behaviour, and other critical factors.
However, it was during this transformative period that Alexy made his mark. He recognised the industry’s shifting tides and the emerging importance of high-quality lubricants. The focus shifted from merely procuring to maximising productivity and preserving assets using premium lubricants. The watchwords became uninterrupted machine operation, reduced downtime, and enhanced performance.
Alexy’s journey paralleled the industry’s evolution, aligning himself with the philosophy of quality over quantity. As international OEMs collaborated with heavy industries and established long-term objectives, they enforced stringent lubricant standards and warranty criteria. Premium brands struggled to gain market share, but Alexy’s Addinol stood resiliently, championing the cause of quality consistency.
Today, under his visionary leadership, Addinol thrives as a symbol of excellence in the lubricating oil sector. Alexy continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the petroleum industry. TradeFlock questions him on his strategies, vision, and advice to young professionals. 

Lube oil companies often operate in a highly competitive market. What strategies have you employed to maintain a competitive edge and drive growth in your company?

To maintain competitiveness and foster growth in the highly competitive lubricating oil market, Addinol employs a multifaceted strategy. We prioritise innovation through continuous product re-engineering and rigorous evaluation of critical performance attributes. Our research and development efforts extend beyond commercial benefits, focusing on factors such as extended oil change intervals, improved efficiency, prolonged equipment lifespan, reduced resource consumption, emissions mitigation, lower oil consumption, enhanced fuel efficiency, and effective wear and friction control. As a premium, high-performance brand, our commitment to maintaining product quality and providing comprehensive customer service is unwavering. We go beyond being mere product suppliers, offering holistic solutions that encompass technical support, cleaning solutions, oil analysis, and the ADDIlab, which provides detailed performance analysis. Our dedication to creating value through exceptional customer service distinguishes us in the market, allowing us to maintain our competitive edge and drive sustained growth.

Keeping the supply chain disruptions of recent times in mind, how do you ensure a consistent and reliable supply of raw materials for lubricating oil production?

To maintain a consistent and reliable supply of raw materials for lubricating oil production, Addinol adopts a proactive approach. We strategically maintain inventories of our premium brand products to cater to a diverse clientele, including industries such as film stretching, steel, cement, food, automotive, and textiles. We collaborate closely with our clients to establish accurate forecasts, ensuring their needs are met efficiently. Our long-term partnerships and supply arrangements with raw material suppliers form a solid foundation for an uninterrupted supply chain. Our German Leuna team oversees supply chain operations, ensuring rigorous management and continuity. In summary, our proactive inventory management, client collaboration, and strong supplier relationships enable Addinol to consistently deliver raw materials, even in challenging supply chain conditions, meeting the demands of our valued customers.

What is your vision for the future of Addinol Lube Oil, and what steps are you taking to achieve that vision?

Addinol is a trusted partner for industrial and automotive clients, with an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards. We are dedicated to expanding our global presence through close collaborations with international and Indian OEMs. Our primary focus is establishing a nationwide presence in India while delivering exceptional customer service. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of NSF-certified foodgrade lubricants to meet the growing demand for food-related applications.

Would you like to share any advice or lessons learned from your career that aspiring leaders in the petroleum industry might find valuable?

For aspiring leaders in the petroleum industry, maintaining a focused career path is essential. Specialisation within the industry allows for expertise to develop and become an invaluable asset. Furthermore, a deep understanding of specific application requirements and the ability to recommend suitable products are critical for building trust and long-term client relationships. Prioritising long-term goals over short-term gains is a must, as consistent quality and reputation are paramount. Investing in up-to-date software systems can enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Lastly, strategic inventory management is crucial to managing price fluctuations and ensuring stability in this dynamic sector.
















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