Leaders from Petroleum & Chemicals in India 2023

Leaders from Petroleum & Chemicals in India 2023 cover photo


Innovations in exploration, extraction, and refining technologies have transformed the petroleum and chemical industry. Initially focused on fuel production, the industry has diversified its product portfolio. Petrochemicals are now integral to manufacturing various goods, including plastics, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic fibres. An industry that has witnessed significant evolution over the years is driven by leaders who set the long-term vision and strategic direction for their petroleum and chemical companies. They make decisions about diversification, market expansion, investment in research and development, and the adoption of new technologies. TradeFlock honours the journey of these masters of their domain who have their own grounds and who lead the industry on the path to success. It features them in its newest issue- Leaders from Petroleum and Chemicals in India 2023.

Amzur Technologies

Srikanth Jampa

Associate Vice President (Oil & Gas)

Ion Exchange India Ltd

With a profound understanding of the current market requirements both in India and the global arena, Srikanth stands in sync with the changing dynamics of hydrocarbon processing and its intricate challenges in water and wastewater process management.

Menrva Technologies

Ajit Singh


Absolute Imaging Inc.(India)

With an extensive career spanning over 35 years, Ajit’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to drive innovation and excellence in this dynamic industry. Ajit’s influence extends to the cost-effective and productive advancements such as information & hydraulic fracturing being used in CBM exploration.

AUK Computing

Alexy George

Managing Director

ADDINOL Lube Oil India Pvt

Alexy stands out as a paragon of adaptability and flexibility. His journey through the petroleum industry, particularly in the lubricating oil sector, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to progress.

Chropynska India

Bharat Puri
Bharat Puri

Managing Director

Pidilite Industries

A graduate of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, Bharat, a combination of strategic vision, business acumen, and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. His commitment to excellence is evident in his track record of consistently driving business growth and spearheading successful global initiatives.

Senior Director

Maulik Mehta

Chief Executive Officer

Deepak Nitrite Ltd

Maulik’s professional journey documents his diverse expertise and leadership in the chemical industry. Currently serving as the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at the Deepak Group, Maulik has transited through various roles, showcasing his versatility and commitment to organisational growth.

Regional Sales Director

Rama Gummalla

Vice President - P&C


Rama boasts an illustrious career spanning over 30 years in the Oil and Gas sector. With a comprehensive strategic sourcing and supply chain management background, her expertise lies across various domains such as retail, refinery, EV, Biofuels, and mega project implementation.

Energy & Utilities,

Shyam Sunder Nalluri

Chief Marketing Officer

Coromandel International Limited

Armed with an understanding of the intricacies of agri-business, Shyam found his way to Coromandel International Limited. As the Chief Marketing Officer, he became the driving force behind the company’s marketing strategy, emphasising not only the products but also the transformative impact they could have on the agricultural community.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Zarir Langrana

Executive Director and President - Global Chemicals Business

Tata Chemicals

Currently holding the position of  Executive Director & President of the Global Chemical Business. Zarir has been a significant part of the National Committee On Chemicals & Petrochemicals as chairman since  April 2020.