Bharathkumar Buram

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Bharathkumar Buram

Head Of Ecommerce,

Bajaj Electronics / Electronics Mart India Ltd.

The electronic industry in India is thriving, expanding in both urban and rural areas. With the advent of eCommerce, the electronic retail industry has entered a new era, where eCommerce and Technology pacesetters like Flipkart and Amazon, have set a new ground for customer expectations, pushing retail chains to innovate, transform and deliver omni-presence experience to survive. Taking inspiration from the evolving trends, Bharath Kumar Buram, Head of Ecommerce at Electronics Mart India is delivering fantastic customer experiences and guiding smooth transition of the company. Joined Electronics Mart India as a manager, Bharathkumar took charge of heading Bajaj Mall Portal and increased its sales 10X times in just 6 months with the mentorship of Karan Bajaj, CEO of the company. In an interview with Trade Flock, Bharathkumar shared some of his unique strategies, plans to transform and shed light on traits that helps him stand among the best leaders from retail in India.

Can you describe your overall strategy for the company's e-Commerce platform at Electronics Mart India Ltd? How does it align with the company's broader goals?

At Electronics Mart India, our e-Commerce platform strategy emphasises delivering an unparalleled customer experience. This includes ensuring easy product navigation, a smooth checkout process, diverse payment methods, tailored recommendations, and a reliable all-time-available customer service. Our objective is to retain customers by offering them a superior online shopping experience that fosters loyalty, repeat purchases, and positive word-of-mouth. From a broader perspective, our e-Commerce approach supports the company’s overarching goals in several ways. Firstly, by catalysing sales through our online channel, we aim to boost the company’s overall revenue. Moreover, a well-implemented e-Commerce plan allows Electronics Mart India to extend its market presence beyond our traditional physical stores, reaching customers in diverse geographic regions. All of these elements, from customer experience to market expansion, are intricately linked to our broader aspirations for revenue growth, market outreach, brand reinforcement, and retaining a satisfied customer base.

What strategies and plans has Electronics Mart India Ltd implemented to stay competitive in the online retail market?

Learning from our experiences, we have implemented several strategies and plans to stay competitive in the online retail market. Looking at the ongoing pace of eCommerce, Electronics Mart India has developed a strong online presence by investing in a user-friendly and responsive marketplace on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Bajaj Mall Portals. This platform is regularly updated with new products, offers, and discounts to attract and retain customers. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding its product range, offering a wide variety of electronic appliances and gadgets such as televisions, refrigerators, and smartphones. Emphasising excellent customer service, we have a dedicated support team to assist customers and resolve queries promptly.

What steps has Electronics Mart India Ltd taken to enhance cybersecurity and protect customer data on the e-Commerce platform?

The privacy and security of consumer information is the foremost concern and priority for any business. I helped Electronics Mart India adopt a secure practice that adheres to latest e-commerce security protocols. This includes implementing HTTPS encryption, using secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, and routine updates and patches to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. To maintain a robust security, we conduct regular security audits for e-commerce platforms, enabling us to pinpoint and rectify potential weak points. We have implemented strong user authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of customers logging into their profiles. In addition, we have implemented proper authorization protocols to grant appropriate access privileges to users, minimising the risk of unauthorised access to customer data. Additionally, I launched an awareness campaign which focuses on educating employees about cybersecurity best practices and the importance of protecting customer data. Regular training sessions are also held to apprise staff of potential threats like phishing attacks and to foster adherence to secure practices.

As the Head of e-Commerce, how do you encourage collaboration between the e-Commerce team and other departments within the company to drive cohesive strategies and a unified customer experience?

Well, my strategy for this is simple, I clearly communicate the overall objectives and vision for the e-Commerce department to the rest of the company. Ensure that all teams understand how their contributions align with the e-Commerce goals and how it impacts the customer experience. I have also worked on establishing effective communication channels within the organisation, such as email threads, project management tools, or collaborative platforms. Additionally, there are brainstorming sessions to bring together different departments to contribute their ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback. This creates transparency and facilitates collaboration. We also offer training programs and workshops to enhance employees’ understanding of e-Commerce operations, customer journey, and best practices. This training helps departments understand the e-Commerce team’s perspective and allow them to contribute more effectively.

The E-commerce industry is witnessing tough competition like never before; how do you build your branding strategies and ensure increased customer engagement?

The biggest learning, I ever had is that a successful branding strategy demands an ongoing process of adaptation rooted in customer feedback and market trends. Our brand stands strong with clearly defined values, mission, and a unique selling proposition that differentiates us in the market. We consistently optimise our online presence, from eCommerce marketplaces to the Bajaj Mall Portal, ensuring a seamless user experience, incorporating our branding elements. We have a solid social media presence to engage with our customers, share relevant content, and grow our online community. As we grow, we cannot sideline technology advancements. Realising its huge potential earlier, we started leveraging automation tools, ERP, CRM systems, AI, and Big Data. This enables us to decipher emerging trends, comprehend customer desires, and refine our branding strategies to resonate effectively.
















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