Faiz Ahmed

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Redefining Fashion Retail with Innovation & Sustainability

Faiz Ahmed



The fashion industry is ever-evolving at jet-speed. To keep pace with it, one needs to be on their toes, constantly updated on the latest trends, and on the bleeding edge of this change. Faiz Ahmed, Director, VOI Jeans Retail India, approaches this by thinking not just as a designer and expert but also as a consumer. According to him, understanding what customers are looking for in terms of convenience, comfort, and pricing is essential. “Having control over the entire supply chain allows us to innovate and introduce new products, like knitted denim, which caters to different preferences,” explains Faiz. By focusing on convenience, comfort, and pricing, he aims to stand out among VOI’s competitors. In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, Faiz discusses more of his strategies and plans.

Can you shed some light on your previous experiences, starting as an intern at Ace Designers Limited, and how they contributed to your success today?

My journey began as an intern at Ace Designers Limited, where I learned about CNC machinery and computerised work. However, the most important lesson I took from that experience was problem-solving. This skill proved valuable later, especially when I transitioned into the fashion industry. I also interned at Rolls Royce during my engineering days in the UK, which gave me valuable insights into technology-driven processes. All these experiences, combined with my family’s textile business background, have contributed to my success and shaped my approach to running VOI Jeans Retail India.

What are the biggest challenges you face today, and how do you address them efficiently?

Change management is one of the biggest challenges we face today. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and keeping the workforce aligned with new strategies and technologies can be a task. To tackle this, we focus on building trust and emphasising the importance of embracing innovations. We believe that the right work ethic and culture are critical to driving success. By involving our employees in decision-making and encouraging them to take ownership, we create an environment where change becomes more manageable and seamless.

How do you prioritise sustainability and ethical practises in apparel manufacturing?

Sustainability and ethical practises are at the core values of the manufacturing process at VOI Jeans. We are also planning to set up a dedicated textile waste recycling plant in our factory, where we convert water used in washing garments into drinking water. Being a vertically integrated unit also allows us to have better control over the sourcing of materials, ensuring ethical practises are followed throughout the supply chain. Moreover, we are working on implementing circular economy principles, where we plan to procure cotton directly from farmers, minimise waste, and promote a more sustainable approach to manufacturing.

How do you plan to address textile waste?

Textile waste is a serious concern and we have a programme in the pipeline to address this. We are planning to set up collection points at our stores across the country, where customers can return old denim products. These products will be shredded in our facility, and the fibres will be reused to create new fabric. This process significantly reduces waste and promotes sustainability. By early next year, VOI Jeans aim to have this programme implemented, providing the customers with an eco-friendly way to exchange their old denim and obtain new products.

How do you approach pricing while maintaining a balance between competitiveness and profitability, considering your mission to make fashionable jeans accessible to all?

Our pricing strategy revolves around efficiency and transparency. Being a vertically integrated unit, we have control over our entire supply chain, which helps us optimise costs. By avoiding excess waste and unnecessary expenses, we can offer competitive pricing while ensuring a reasonable level of profitability. Moreover, we focus on providing value to our customers through quality products and personalised experiences, which makes our offerings stand out even in a competitive market.

Can you share your plans for future expansion and how you are preparing your organisation for it?

VOI Jeans has ambitious plans, and one of our key focuses is expanding our retail presence. We plan to partner with Lifestyle, Central, Shopper’s Stop, and other major retail chains to increase the number of our stores across the country. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to bring foreign brands to India through licencing agreements, particularly in the denim category. To support these expansion plans, we are building a strong tech team that will help us improve efficiency, integrate digital solutions, and enhance customer experiences.