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Pankaj Phadnis

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One of the seasoned leaders in the construction industry, Pankaj Madhukar Phadnis is an accomplished leader in sales and retail management. His career boasts a significant 15-year stint at ACC Cement, during which he held various pivotal roles and gained extensive experience in the cement industry.
Notably, he successfully oversaw the launch of ACC Suraksha brand in Maharashtra, a testament to his strategic acumen and leadership skills. Following this milestone, he spearheaded the launch of overseas operations in the Western and Southern regions during his tenure at Jaypee Cement. His next role at Dalmia Cement saw him assume the position of Deputy Executive Director, where he expertly managed sales and marketing operations for a substantial production capacity, further solidifying his reputation as an industry leader.
Pankaj has etched a distinguished career path, leaving an indelible mark across esteemed organisations including ACC Cement, Jaypee Cement, and the Dalmia Group. His multifaceted expertise encompasses sales channel management, marketing strategy, business planning, product launches, and logistics management.Beyond his impressive resume, he is celebrated for his remarkable ability to foster meaningful relationships, his sharp analytical acumen, and his exceptional aptitude for fostering interpersonal connections across diverse cultures and contexts.
As the President of Retail at Infra.Market, Pankaj has played a pivotal role in spearheading the company’s nationwide expansion within the retail sector. His visionary leadership stands as a cornerstone in shaping the future course of Infra. Market, a testament to his steadfast commitment to fostering growth and innovation. TradeFlock recently had the privilege of interviewing Pankaj to gain insights into his navigation of the everevolving business landscape. 

Could you elaborate on the most significant challenges you encounter in your day-to-day activities and how you address them?

In a leadership role, the central challenge lies in facilitating effective communication and collaboration among diverse departments. Streamlining functions and fostering operational harmony are indeed critical for the success of any organisation, especially when dealing with multiple verticals and product expansions. When it comes to multiple product categories, diversified geographies, and stakeholders, I have learned to prioritize and establish the right agenda to facilitate seamless coordination. Ensuring regular interactions, setting clear expectations and implementing a robust review and monitoring process have played an important role in maintaining operational harmony.

How do you incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into your product launch strategies?

At Infra.Market, sustainability and ecofriendliness are core elements of our product launch strategies. We prioritise environmentally responsible practices in all our operations. Our AAC blocks have earned the prestigious Green Product certification from the CII-Green Products and Service Council, highlighting their environmental integrity. We actively promote sustainability by incorporating waste materials like fly ash and slag into our concrete products, reducing our ecological footprint. Membership in the Indian Green Building Council further underscores our commitment to green initiatives. We’ve expanded our sustainability efforts into the metal recycling sector, aiming to mitigate the construction industry’s environmental impact. Our CSR initiative, IM Nirmaan, empowers construction workers through skilling and upskilling programs, contributing to a more sustainable society. Furthermore, for every kitchen sold by IVAS, our consumer brand, we pledge to plant two trees. Our kitchen designs prioritise carbon neutrality, from material selection to manufacturing processes. We’re dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and ensuring our products have a minimal environmental impact. Our goal is to provide stylish and functional products while contributing positively to the environment.

How do you approach conflict resolution while maintaining positive working relationships with manufacturers and other vendors?

At our core, we cultivate a work environment that embodies our foundational values of respect, and integrity infusing every interaction with its essence. Our relationships, not only within our organisation but also with valued partners like vendors, hold a paramount position in our ethical and business framework. In our dealings with vendors, we hold steadfast to the principles of transparency and professionalism, setting a high standard for our interactions. These standards are further reinforced by distinct policies, open lines of communication, and readily accessible feedback channels. Our proactive approach to conflict prevention and resolution ensures that issues are nipped in the bud. We engage in continuous dialogues with our vendors, recognising their invaluable contribution to our growth journey. Through these conversations, we convey our deep appreciation, reinforcing that they are an integral part of our shared success story. This regular, transparent communication not only fosters goodwill but also streamlines the conflict resolution process, allowing us to navigate challenges with agility and grace.

How are you embracing emerging technologies such as AI and 3D printing?

At Infra.Market, our mission transcends mere commerce; it’s about forging an unwavering trust through the seamless integration of technology into every facet of our operations. By incorporating technology into the supply chain, we predict capacity utilisation and allocate demand. We are comprehensively building technical solutions using the cloud, data analytics, Machine Learning/ Artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) for our users. Our Retailer app enables ease of management for purchasing, financing, inventory management, delivery, and other areas under one roof. Further, the VR and AR tech at our retail stores helps reimagine home interiors, thereby empowering customers. We also provide an integrated platform for freelancers and influencers to have an alternative source of income through our organization. Creating applications based on micro-services architecture, Golang and Python, and PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database management system, we have built a digital ecosystem for Indian markets to enhance delivery through intelligent and actionable insights. They’re designed to elevate user experiences to the standards set by the most esteemed online platforms. In doing so, we’re not merely transacting; we’re nurturing relationships and setting a new benchmark for industry excellence.

How do you envision your personal and professional evolution in the years to come, along with your contributions to society?

In my professional journey, I envision a continued dedication to making significant contributions to the ongoing growth and success of Infra.Market. My unwavering commitment to the company’s vision and mission remains resolute as we are persistently BUILDING REVOLUTIONS not only within our organisation but also as a part of broader societal impact. Having made a huge difference already within a short span, one of our CSR initiatives, IM Nirmaan is on its way to the betterment of the society by skilling and upskilling 1000 construction workers. Personally, I align with causes that champion skill development, education, and health awareness programs, knowing that these endeavours collectively contribute to the betterment of individuals and communities.
















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