Trishanu Paul

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From Code to Couture

Trishanu Paul

Co-Founder, Detales

Founder, Detales Studio

I t’s often said that marrying your passion with your love can turn your existence into a masterpiece. Trishanu Paul’s journey is a living embodiment of this profound truth. Trishanu’s journey into the world of luxury marketing began with a deep-rooted passion for blending creativity with commerce. Initially trained in computer science and JavaScript, his magnetic pull towards the world of apparel and retail led him to traverse various roles within the technology sector. Determined to align his career with his passion, Trishanu pursued further education at esteemed institutions like SP Jain and MIP Politecnico Milano, gaining a comprehensive vision of both brick-and-mortar retail and e-Commerce operations.
Drawing from his diverse experiences, Trishanu co-founded Detales, driven by a shared dream with Janvi Gandhi to redefine luxury in the digital era. Detales became a manifestation of their commitment to providing high-quality luxury apparel. To complement Detales, Trishanu established Detales Studio, where his deep understanding of retail and e-Commerce translated into innovative marketing strategies, enhancing brand identities and online presence.
His story isn’t just about business—it’s a narrative of passion, persistence, and unwavering dedication. Join him in this captivating interview as we unfold his journey, leadership style, and more. 

Could you summarise your background and what drove you to co-found Detales?

I embarked on my professional journey in 2016, beginning as an engineer deeply interested in computer science and JavaScript. Despite my technical background, my true passion has always resided in the world of apparel and retail. After my undergraduate studies, I initially worked for a tech giant. However, I recognised that my heart lay in retail. Determined to transition, I approached my manager, who became my mentor, expressing my desire to switch fields. This shift was no easy feat. I dedicated myself tirelessly, transitioning from a technology role to consulting and eventually landing in the retail sector. Seeking further education, I pursued a master’s programme at esteemed institutions. I worked with a startup, enriching my understanding of the industry. Upon returning to India, I delved into the intricacies of both brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce operations while working for one of the largest fashion houses. With over eight years of experience, my expertise spans technology, backend operations, performance marketing, and UI/UX design. During my master’s programme, fate introduced me to Janvi. Together, we realised our dream with Detales, a luxury apparel venture. Janvi handles design and production, while my focus lies on the business and operational facets of the company. In addition to Detales, I established Detales Studio, a marketing agency mirroring my extensive background in retail and e-Commerce.

Describe your leadership style and how it has evolved throughout your career.

Throughout my career, my leadership style has shifted from directive to collaborative, adaptable, and empowering. This evolution stems from diverse roles, continuous learning, mentorship, and a focus on results-oriented leadership. My commitment to excellence in retail and e-Commerce has been a driving force behind these changes.

How have you employed digital tools to enhance online sales and customer engagement amid the surge in e-Commerce?

In response to e-Commerce growth, I’ve strategically integrated digital technologies. This includes user-centric website design, datadriven marketing, social media engagement, CRM systems, and email marketing for personalisation. Mobile optimisation, AI, and chatbots enhance the shopping experience. Omni-channel strategies blend online and offline channels for a seamless customer journey. These efforts aim to boost online sales and foster customer loyalty.

Navigating high-stakes decisions, a pivotal facet of leadership, particularly in challenging situations, how do you approach this process?

In handling high-stakes decisions, I follow a methodical process, blending data-driven analysis with industry insight. I gather comprehensive information, including team input, to assess the situation. When evaluating risks and rewards, I consider both short-term and long-term outcomes. My decisions are influenced by personal experience and industry expertise. Transparency is key; I communicate decisions clearly, fostering trust and accountability among team members and stakeholders.

How has your experience leading marketing segments in previous roles aided your entrepreneurial journey?

My tenure leading marketing segments in previous roles has immensely benefited my entrepreneurial journey. It provided a profound insight into consumer behaviour, market dynamics, and the essence of branding. This knowledge forms the basis of our customercentric approach at Detales, shaping our brand identity and marketing strategies. Additionally, it fostered a data-driven mindset, enabling informed decision-making and optimising our marketing investments. Staying attuned to evolving marketing trends has allowed us to adapt and innovate, ensuring Detales remains agile and competitive in the dynamic e-Commerce landscape.

What is your vision for the future of leadership in the retail sector, given the changing consumer demands and market dynamics?

The future of leadership in the retail sector will be defined by technology, adaptability, and sustainable customer-centricity. Leaders must use data and AI for personalised online and offline experiences, aligning with evolving consumer demands. Sustainability is pivotal, demanding eco-conscious decisions and transparent supply chains. Organisations must prioritise innovation and agility to swiftly respond to market changes. Successful leadership will require a deep understanding of ethical practices and the ability to leverage emerging technologies for seamless, unique, and environmentally responsible retail experiences.
















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