Ameya Joglekar

Architect of Future-Proof Solutions

Ameya Joglekar

Vice President - Risk Operations,


Predicting the capricious nature of risk and security management remains a perpetual challenge, transcending products, regions, and customer profiles. Amidst this complex landscape, successful risk management hinges not just on strategies but on a triad of essential traits: curiosity, adaptability, and innovation—a blueprint for resilience. Curiosity serves as the driving force, unearthing vulnerabilities within evolving threats and laying the groundwork for robust preventive measures. Adaptability acts as a shield, enabling swift strategy adjustments to counter the ever-shifting riskscape. And innovation, the linchpin, reshapes risk management paradigms, revolutionising approaches beyond convention.
Ameya Joglekar, Vice President, Risk Operations at Paytm, a seasoned professional whose career spans over two decades, epitomises the criticality of these essential traits in fortifying organisations against threats. With expertise in fraud prevention and control, credit risk administration, and investigations, Ameya’s strategic vision transcends present challenges, aiming to implement futureproof solutions. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Ameya constantly seeks the ‘what ifs’ and ‘hows’ in the realm of fraud and security. His adaptability enables swift pivots, ensuring strategies remain ahead of the mutating risk landscape. Yet, it’s his relentless pursuit of innovation that reshapes risk prevention, positioning him as a trailblazer in the industry. His leadership embodies a forwardthinking approach, proactively shaping the future of risk resilience in the digital era, one step at a time.
TradeFlock interviewed Ameya to learn more about his career and strategies that make him a name to reckon with in this field. 

Can you share insights into your professional journey and key roles in risk management?

I embarked on my professional journey 23 years ago, in 2000, at HSBC, a multinational banking institution, where I commenced in customer service. Swiftly transitioning through varied roles encompassing illustration and collections, my focus remained predominantly within the lending sphere, particularly in loans and credit cards. However, a significant pivot occurred when I transitioned into a pivotal role in fraud risk management within the same institution. The intricacies of identifying and mitigating multifaceted fraud risks, particularly in credit card products, deeply intrigued me. Over the span of 17 years, I have navigated through more than 10 organisations, including NBFCs and HFCs, where I have diligently managed and devised strategic measures against the ever-evolving landscape of fraud risks.

Reflecting on your journey, what challenges have you met, and what insights have you gained?

Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered diverse challenges, with a key lesson being the criticality of swift action against fraud. Delay or oversight in addressing fraudulent activities only amplifies their impact. Hence, I’ve remained committed to immediate responses, fortifying preventive measures, and innovating proactive processes across portfolios. The persistent challenge lies in the inherent unpredictability of fraud, demanding continual strategy reassessment and a forward-thinking approach.

What fuels your success and maintains your motivation in your career?

What fuels your success and maintains your motivation in your career?At the core of my drive lies an unrelenting curiosity—an incessant quest to uncover potential risks and architect strategies to mitigate them. It’s the pursuit of answers to crucial inquiries like “What potential threats exist?” and “How can we prevent them?” that ignites my passion and sustains my dedication. This ongoing pursuit, paired with a penchant for exploring unconventional solutions, has proven pivotal in navigating the dynamic realm of fraud. Moreover, the unwavering support from mentors and senior management, fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation, significantly amplifies my motivation and dedication to the field.

What transformations do you envision for the fraud prevention industry as an expert?

A crucial change I advocate for in the industry revolves around augmenting user awareness and education. Despite the widespread use of digital payment methods, a significant portion of users lack adequate knowledge about protecting their finances from fraudulent activities. Initiatives geared towards enlightening and educating users play a pivotal role in strengthening defences against fraud and fostering a more informed and vigilant user base. I not only endorse this imperative but actively work towards bridging this awareness gap.

What industry challenges might arise with AI advancements, and what strategies do you have in place to manage them?

The continuous advancements in technology, while embraced by innovators, also extend to malevolent forces in the sphere of fraud. This evolution leads to increasingly sophisticated fraudulent tactics, posing challenges in detection and tracking, particularly amid interconnected technological progress. To counter these evolving fraud schemes, my strategies focus on vigilant monitoring, comprehensive analysis of user-level data, and leveraging technology for early identification. These approaches are pivotal in ensuring a proactive stance against emerging challenges in the landscape of fraud.

What are your future career aspirations, and what are your thoughts on entrepreneurship?

Navigating the unpredictability of today’s world, I find value in embracing each day as it comes. However, if presented with the chance, I envision making a meaningful contribution by sharing insights on fraud prevention, especially within vulnerable communities. Simplifying intricacies and raising awareness among rural and underserved populations aligns with a potential social cause I’m eager to pursue. This avenue allows me to continue my expertise in fraud management while making a tangible impact on a broader scale.